I’ve made millions of dollars online doing internet marketing for the past 20 years. There are countless methods to make money online and in this video I share a simple way you can bring in $250 starting with no money down.

Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤️

Stephen Briant

  • Jill Hyland says:

    Genius! I love it!

  • Milkman says:

    Came from TikTok lol love the free course u did. I will admit that you should try not to focus too much on the chats. Go through and answer the serious ones and ignore the nonsense ones. Although you replies to the nonsense ones were funny

  • J D says:

    I’m starting this but I have a question. How would the a product like “Live Chat Jobs” for example, help a person get traffic to their business? Or am I misunderstanding something

    • Michael Cheney says:

      That was just the clip used by my video editor – do what I say in the video, and not follow that particular visual

  • Lindzay Bond says:

    Did I get value from this? Holy COW! That was absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much, Michael! Great training video, mate.

  • Tazzz says:

    I just started watching you and already learned so much. Keep going man!

  • monique scott-lewis says:

    I am thinking of cold emailing to small businesses in my area – but worried about then having to deal with people replying with unsatisfied results. Your thoughts on this ? Tia

  • Michaelszorsziz says:

    Can you go into it a little slower? And im sure it would help a lot of people (also me) if you would do it with us and show it step by step.Thank you for helping btw

  • JD'S GUITAR LESSONS (Formely Motivate you HQ) says:

    It looks like a great idea, but finding traffic that’s interested in the Google doc is the one part that seems difficult.

  • JD'S GUITAR LESSONS (Formely Motivate you HQ) says:

    Alright, I’ve completed all the tasks as shown in your video. Just one question remains: When I provide them with my affiliate link for the high-traffic product, is it intended for them to make purchases and earn me a commission, or is it mainly for them to be aware of an excellent product that they can promote themselves?

    • Michael Cheney says:

      It teaches them how to drive traffic, it gives you a commission when they buy it and they can also promote it themselves.

  • Steve White says:

    Good video Michael and it’s a great way to build out something valuable. The thing that is missing is where are you going to get all these people to email? 🙂

  • Stella News says:

    6:33 I don’t get it. Give them my affiliate link, and they sign up as afdiliates… The affiliate signup process doesn’t normally happen on the sales page (where my aff link sends them) nor do I get a commission if they become affiliates.

    • Michael Cheney says:

      No they buy the product so you get a commission. They need to buy it in order to keep using the autoresponder service see?

  • Michael Cheney says:

    Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤

  • Milena Koncar says:

    I loved everything! But the last part when u talk about building OUR email list for us to send that guide to, that part i didnt understand, HOW EXACTLY do we get emails to build OUR list?!

  • ramon scurrah says:

    Hi Michael, I think I’m getting most of it. Can you just confirm, a few things: 1. In the guide, are we embedding each of our (personal) product affiliate links in the Product Description for them to click, so we get a commission if they buy? AND 2. What is the point of giving them the program Affiliate page as well, which does NOT have our affiliate link? This wasn’t really explained in the video, or did I miss something? I’m just trying to understand exactly where we are expected to get commissions from (aside from GetResponse). Sorry long Q. but hope you can clarify. MANY THANKS

    • ramon scurrah says:

      So, a follow-up, after listening again…. so we DON’T include our affiliate product links in the document, but keep them private, UNLESS they ask for help. Then presumably we send them our affiliate link for the the TOP TRAFFIC product we can find. Is that correct? – Thanks

    • Michael Cheney says:

      this got spammed initially. yes, the affiliate page sign up links are just for YOUR reference

  • Eaglet Mongey says:

    This is what I call a true GENIUS!! Absolutely Amazing and I will definitely start applying your formula today!!

  • Sandy Rautenbach says:

    Hi Michael, thank you for this very informative video.
    When I signed up for the get response affiliate program, they are wanting a website name from me which I don’t have.
    Not sure where to fro here…
    Anybody else have this problem?

  • Mark Whitaker says:

    Started the day with great hopes Id be ending it with my first product but kinda lost the way half way through (sorry Im an absolute beginner).
    I have the Google Doc with all the info for 4 high gravity products and 7 Chat GPT emails for each… but i can’t just be sending that to somebody… so guess i have 4 seperate email campaigns each with 1 product that the person i send the email to can promote (and when they sell it i get paid)… so i guess my target audience will be people lacking products to sell? (Thats me).
    Im also going to need to generate an email list to send it to (i understand that).
    Sorry for my confusion, perhaps this isnt the best place for a total novice who needs to start generating an imcome to start?

    • Michael Cheney says:

      Search my channel for “ChatGPT” and you’ll find a video about “5 minutes” and ChatGPT which will help you build a list. But yes piecing together an entire business and product is tricky. I try to teach what I can here from my 23 years experience but there’s a lot to cover!!

  • Lewis's Simple AI Solutions says:

    Great video Mr Cheney!

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