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Stephen Briant

  • BEN JAMES says:

    Here from TikTok 👍

  • Pintyy boi says:

    appreciate ur vids

  • Rel1x says:

    How old do you need to be to be an apprentice?

  • MaskedCHKN says:

    I’m here from tiktok can you teach me the way?

  • FLEVIA ZIMBA says:

    Hi how you doing sir I saw your TikTok started following you I couldn’t find a way to talk to you so I thought maybe YouTube would you mind teaching affiliate marketing I saw that your offering to teach for free

  • Lindzay Bond says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Michael. Thank you as always.

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    Hello sir
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  • wqjwdirherfuehfriughf says:

    Hi Michael you seem like a nice guy but the site you tell us to visit to become your apprentice looks like every dodgy guru gateway copywritten nonsense in existence. Any reason for this?

    • Michael Cheney says:

      I used to question things too until I realised they were based on decades of tried and tested methods. Don’t optin if it gives you the heebie jeebies

  • saleh malkawi says:

    which type of redirecting should i use, 301,302 or forward with masking?

  • Brooke Becker says:

    Oh this is great thank you

  • Brooke Becker says:

    I’m going to be taking a bunch of notes and I’m going to start a few of these methods you have been teaching

  • Michael Cheney says:

    Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤

  • Jacob Gwilliam says:

    This guy is 100% the same as the guy who told everyone to buy bitcoin 12 years ago and I’m so happy I found you now not later

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