How to make $300 USD a day, playing games [EPIC VIDEO]

In this video, I show you have I am already making over $300 USD a DAY, playing games. Insane, but TRUE. Check it out.

If you want to make $300 a day playing games then simply register for your own game account at and start playing. It’s totally free to enter the weekly competitions where you can win real cash prizes. Alternatively, join the play to earn rooms where you can earn real money for completing simple challenges.

This is just the start and if you get involved now you could become a master game player and top earner.

To play, visit

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Stephen Briant

  • Eman Basketball Dad says:

    Incredible. I’m learning that it’s true.

  • rushikesh Tawre says:

    can you make every single detail to play this game ?
    Like how much we should invest how to start and how to sell n all ?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      There’s a pretty good set of guides on the Town Star website, plus a fair number of youtube videos out there, or you could do what I did, work it out by playing 😉

  • Healthfreedomuk (Not a ) Dr Robert says:

    thanks for a great tip Paul

  • Eeeats says:

    How come u was able to get 10 Vox 😳? Do u know if gala games wants to release More Vox? Could u do a video from begging how to play this game ?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      You can buy VOX on opensea. There’s still plenty offering great value with payback times of around 150-180 days.

  • OlaOla says:

    Your earnings are relevant to the amount of gala you have in your account. Sorry Pau becasue yourl running node i think you missed this point. If your level 1 you have 10 nfts you only earn profit from 1 nft. if you have 10 nfts and gala level of 7. You only earn income from 7 nft. It is very expensive to get to this level shown in the video because you need equal level of gala for the cost of the nfts. Your really talking $10,000 or more to earn $300 per day. Gala power should really be mentioned in the video before people jump in, because you could spend loads money on nfts then find you only earn money from 1 nft, becuase you then need invest into equal amount of gala 🙂

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      You can compound your earnings though. Starting point is around $50 to become a gold member and you’ll receive an NFT that earns 1 town coin per day but the NFT is already worth $175 on opensea. Also, don’t forget that whilst you have to spend money on NFT’s it is not money that just vanishes – you OWN the NFT so can always resell it later on. So my strategy is to invest in NFT’s early on, earn more town coin, and use those town coin to buy more NFT’s and then sell of my original NFT’s so am back at break even. Technically at the moment you should be able to break even within about 200 days and by that point all your NFT’s are effectively free but you can still earn town coin every day. Go for it!

    • Martin L says:

      Did you say I can earn $300 per day on a $10,000 investment? I can’t think of any business in the real world that would give me such huge returns! What a bargain!

    • EVEN BETTER says:

      @Martin L yeah and u own a nft which means u can resell them….

    • Km Finanzen says:

      @Martin L look at the town star price… x4 since video. Absolutely crazy…

    • Michael Richey says:

      @Martin L You’ll spend full-time job amounts of time to do it. It’s a very hands-on kind of game.

  • M4V3R1CK says:

    Paul, how is this sustainable? Would you please make a video explaining how these types of earnings you explain in the video are sustainable? Thank you.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      That’s a great question. One I’m trying to still work out in my head and I know Gala and many other NFT gaming companies are also looking for economists to join their team. However, here’s some of my own thoughts as to how they are making this sustainable. One way that the company will continue to earn revenue even once the game is set up is to release new NFT’s for that game. e.g. This week Gala sold another 1,000 NFT’s raising at least $1.5million for their development of Echoes of Empire. As more players join a game, the more NFT’s they will need anyway to keep the players happy (you can’t have just 1 in 100 people getting NFT’s otherwise the other 99 will pack their bags and go off to another game). The other thing to consider is the fact that every time an NFT resells, the creator of the NFT gets a royalty. At the moment, Gala have set this at a very agreeable level of 2.5%. So, looking at the numbers, they could create 100,000 NFT’s for a game with 1 million game players… that alone could raise c. $100million ($1K each). Then if each game player sold their NFT once every 30 days on average that would be 33,000 transactions a day at 2.5% = $825,000 per day ongoing revenue. And even without the NFT’s going up in value, that would still create that level of income for the company which then allows them to pay out to skillful players. Then you can also factor in that once a game becomes popular, everyone else wants to join and the coin used in the game becomes ever more “common currency” in the same way that many countries around the world accept USD for currency even though it’s not their native currency. Anyway, that’s how I see things at the moment.

    • stem says:

      @Paul Hardingham great info ,and your video is the best I’ve seen on the subject ,thanks

    • Affiliate Marketing HUB says:

      @Paul Hardingham I love the fact that you give your views the time and you respond to their comments. Th a m&s for respecting your followers

    • Neil Hillman says:

      It’s sustainable because you need to invest a minimum of around $20,000 to see any return, so there is constantly an influx of new cash.

  • limodrivermike says:

    Thank you Paul. What would be the cheapest place able NFT to be legible to start earning?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Currently the cheapest NFT to start earning is simply the “Express Depot”. You would get one for free if you become a Gold member with Gala Games. It doesn’t earn you much but it’s definitely the cheapest way to get started in learning how this all works. If you join Gala games at you can upgrade to Gold membership for about $50 (it was about $10 when I joined about 6 months ago, so it’s rising!).

    • limodrivermike says:

      @Paul Hardingham thank you 🙂

    • BARIŞ says:

      İ will start like that 🤪 but i havent gala power

    • mopikozz says:

      @Paul Hardingham how do i upgrade to gold member? i don’t see any options/buttons to do so

  • M4V3R1CK says:

    The buy-in is high, and some people call it “pay to earn” rather than “play to earn”… but the APY ROI in the investment is like 300-400%…plus the vox’s have already quadrupled in value, so if you sell your vox at the end of the year then your APY ROI is more like 700-900%…absolutely huuuuge! And the game is fun!

  • francescaarchie0226 says:

    Hi Paul, how do you get more NFTs outside of the free one from Gold subscription and buying on OS? i was told buying on OS is the only way… and since the amount of town coins you can earn from the daily task hinges on the amount of NFTs you place on your farm… am i correct that essentially i need to be investing way more $$ first and only earn it back later (as my farm grows)

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      You can buy NFT’s within the Gala store or on OpenSea. There are probably other NFT exchanges but OpenSea is currently the most popular.

    • Lord Byron says:

      To get only close to the amount of NFTs that he already has in the video, you would have to invest several hundred thousand dollars as of now.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      @Lord Byron That may be true. But that’s missing the point of the video. Start at whatever level you can and build up your holdings/town. We all start somewhere. These NFT’s could be worth considerably more in another 12-24 months in which case anyone starting today will be in a great position. Even an Express Depot could be worth many $1,000’s in a year or two. Who knows? The thing is, don’t second guess or complain. Get involved and start building as soon as you can.

    • Lord Byron says:

      @Paul Hardingham You are right. I started with the express depot as probably most of the people out there who started recently. The express depot only gives you 1 TOWN reward per day. Its obvious that you wont get anywhere with just 1 TOWN per day. So in my opinion there is no way to earn as much as you do without investing a huge amount of money prior to earn anything. Also you are on level17 already, which means that you hold an amount of GALA and TOWN coins in your wallet which is worth another few thousand bucks.

  • ghouse muddassir says:

    I am happy that you have shared us a beautiful way to earn money,
    but the problem is that we will not be able to start earning money until and unless we put some from our hands,

    There is no option to buy a small NFT with out real money involved.

    Please advise what can be done on this

  • Kindness to the moon!! says:

    Thank you for the videos and all the information. I’m in the UK myself. Did you register this as a business or do you report as income once you turn the token to fiat? Thank you

  • Enteoz says:

    Thanks for telling us about gold membership, decent arbitrage

  • Mike Pratz says:

    Amazing video! Congrats on your success with this game, Paul!

  • hipmicro says:

    4 weeks ago, when this video posted, doing all of this would have sounded great. Today, this is extremely expensive, with prices in the thousands, plus gas fees to get or move tokens on the ETH network. Some of these NFTs are well over $10000. So, for those of us discovering this today, the reward have a high barrier to entry.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Yes, there is a high barrier to entry, but the actual return’s on the NFT’s has remained pretty much the same i.e. you can still earn your money back on a well chosen NFT in around 60-150 days. That’s a brilliant return. The NFT’s have gone up in value because the value of Town Coin has also risen considerably. It’s all relative. In another 6 months time, you may think “Oh, I should have got involved in December!”.

  • BillionaireGamePlay says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am not sure what I didn’t do right, I placed an NFT on the game, got over a thousand stars, challenge page said I had earned one TOWN coin but the “collect reward” button was not highlighted so I couldn’t click it to collect the reward. I am at level one but I don’t have any TOWN coin on my wallet, could this be the challenge? Please advise. Thank you

  • Zen T says:

    Dudes making over 300k a year by now.. playing town star.. What a time to be alive. I wish I got in early enough to get good earning nfts before they cost a Great video, Paul. And nice collection. 🙂

  • Christian Cosentino says:

    What happens when the days expire? Do you lose the nfts you bought?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      No. You never lose your NFT’s unless you decide to sell them. At the end of the month the game resets and everyone starts again from the beginning but you keep all your NFT’s

    • Shubham Surana says:

      @Paul Hardingham what do you mean the game resets? You mean that everyone starts from scratch again, only with their previous NFTs at the previous Gala level?

  • DroppinDeuces says:

    Great video very interesting!

  • Dustin Keeton says:

    Learning about/playing TownStar has me finally understanding what an NFT with utility in p2e games actually is. I just wish I hopped on it way sooner.

  • GodFingah says:

    Thank you for the upload looks like a good game tbh I hated Farmville lol but loved harvest Moon and age of empires 💯🚀

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