How to MAKE $100 A DAY playing a game (shockingly simple)

This video shows how to make $100 a day, playing a game. This is a shockingly simple way of making money online. Do you fancy earning an extra $100 a day? Then I highly recommend you start playing Town Star.

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Spreadsheet showing how much a Town Star NFT will earn you

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How are the amounts of GALA and TownCoin held used to determine ⚡Gala Power⚡ level?

⚡Gala Power⚡ Equation:
Gala Power = Gala Coin + (Town Coin*2)

⚡Gala Power⚡ Scale (Subject to change)
Levels 1–20: Every 5K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Any questions, please ask in the comments below.

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Stephen Briant

  • Nelson Gandra says:

    Hi there
    For those who have nft is very easy to make that kind of money, but for anyone starting now, would take a long time to get the return of the investment. Would be great to do a video showing how we can get nft’s without spending thousands of cash. Thank you for very good content on your channel

    • Kenshin 4 says:

      He keeps ignoring this fact most people don’t have plenty of money to spend so he got in early made the investment and is earning from I but for everyone else who is late it’s not that easy why can’t he make a real video without NFT showing real earnings and then showing how much to get cheapest nft and how much they will give daily just for owning it

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Thanks,. NFT rentals are coming very soon, so get playing and learn the skills and you’ll be able to earn with very minimal or even no cost in the near future.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      @Kenshin 4 Anyone getting now is “early”. This is just the start. There are still less than 12,000 people playing this game. Scroll forward a few years and there could be millions of players. NOW is the time to get in. Also, whilst NFT’s are “expensive” they are still amazing value. Don’t get distracted by cost. Value is what you need to look at. You can still get Express Depots for less than $250.

    • Nelson Gandra says:

      @Paul Hardingham What i wanted to say, is that not everyone can afford that amount. Not questioning the value of it, but only mentioning that is high cost for most of the people. Just trying to figure out a way to get around that. On the monthly competition is there any prizes to be won?

    • Kenshin 4 says:

      @Nelson Gandra it’s better to do a video to explain how people can get in for cheap like u said 250$ is cheap but how much would this one nft make u every day and how long would be ROI sure it’s easy to say don’t look at cost but most people don’t have the capital most have strict budgets so the cheapest entry is important so they can build up and afford better NFT later using the profits they gain over time

  • Ashton says:

    Most of the town star NFT’s have a 4 month ROI. considering all miners ROI are at least a year at this time, these NFTs are still priced fairly and we are definitely early. If Town gets attention and 10x’s people will be able to make almost 10 dollars a day from just the NFT truck from gala gold. Towns market cap is tiny so it could easily happen and would make it worth it for millions to play the game everyday 🙂

  • Just Kidding Meat Goats says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Last week I challenged Mr. Hardingham on the high prices of NFT’s VS the break even point according to the number of days it would take. It seemed inconceivable at the time. I asked him to make a video explaining such. He covered every point to a T. I am extremely surprised. Thanks a million. Maybe a video about the longevity of Town star in light of all the new games that are taking attention away maybe. Cheers Mate!!

  • G C says:

    How exactly do the servers work? Do they reset? Do you lose your town after the weekly ends or does the server run indefinitely and new ones are created to scale the game bigger and bigger

    • AmericanPewDiePie says:

      lots of unanswered questions here

    • Matt Weber says:

      Yes they reset, your nfts get returned and the map starts clean and fresh for people to get their new town started over. I actually like it since it means you can try different spots and try to beat your previous efforts in efficiency to get that goal amount fastest

  • Csaba Markocsan says:

    Paul! How do you calculate the daily reward of the assets? Is it independent of Gala Level?

  • Noah says:

    “Earn 100 dollars a day, after investing over 4k”. That’s a more accurate title

    • Theo Georgitsis Jones says:

      But if you actually make 100 a day then you got a 2000 profit just two months later

    • Noah says:

      @Theo Georgitsis Jones that is if the value of the Town coin doesn’t tank

    • Theo Georgitsis Jones says:

      If you’re a day trader or thinking that a game/coin will crash and never recover then yeah, tanking is bad. If you invest long term tanking is a good chance to invest more and “take” more (coins/nfts) so you can make profits when it’s up again. But ofc it’s always a risky business and again it depends on how you look at it and how you invest.

    • Earm says:

      100 dollars investing 17000 dollars. That’s something which the most of people won’t do and they want instead to get earnings with minimum or no investment. So this video is more clickbait or not suitable for the most

    • Julian Sava says:

      Yea you need a good investment before you make 100$ a day. Please dont avoid saying that.

  • Ivan Efti says:

    Hey. Great video. Thanks a lot. I just have a question : do you need to have the Gold Membership to be able to buy NFTs & play to earn? Cause I struggle to get the membership, due to a proceeding error message.

  • Sky Price says:

    Hi Paul I just saw your $300 a day video then saw this been looking into NFTs for a little over a month I think I should get a 10k loan to get started because the Roi you show is crazy. Also I don’t know if me living in Texas will effect anything because you’re in UK.

  • UpsideDownMango says:

    Hi Paul, great video mate, just a quick question. Can I use any NFTs or does it need to be specif ones that work in the gala game?

  • Douglas Daugherty says:

    Great content thanks

  • Ryutsuisen Gaming says:

    Great video! Your content is one of a few I’ve watched that made me decide to jump in and buy a Water Tower! 11 TC/day is a nice start.

  • Adamu Bappale says:

    Hi, Paul, you skipped to answer someone’s question: How long, on average, does it take you to complete 1 challenge per day? Are you able to set and forget or is it engaging your time for the whole duration?

    • Atomic Rotation says:

      It would take over 20 hours and 20 thousand dollars to build the farm he is using as an example. Takes about 6 hours to earn 1000 stars from scratch with in depth knowledge of game mechanics.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Once you’ve built your town to a high producing level (which takes between 3-6 hours for me) then to complete the daily challenge takes less than 60 seconds.

  • M4V3R1CK says:

    Great video Paul! Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  • thenewjoe90jc says:

    Love the videos paul great content, I have a question, If I buy an nft for the game let’s say for instance a grape storage unit, what happens if townstar as a game fails, will I still be able to sell my nft or will I be stuck with a grape storage nft that I can’t use or now even sell? I suppose that’s the risk you take right?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Any NFT is yours for ever. The question is whether it would have much value if Town Star failed as a game, I doubt it. However, I don’t see why Town Star would fail. It’s gaining more and more players daily.

    • Flo Lou says:

      ​@Paul Hardingham But to follow up on this point a little more: What happens when say a overall market crash, like BTC or Ethereum dropping 30% more and staying there for a while were to occur, like say BTC drop’s to 25K (right now that’s possible if this new variant called Delta-Cron becomes a real threat) Can’t the manufacturer’s or GALA developer’s just arbitrarily just re adjust the payouts, making buying GALA even at a 50% discount less rewarding? For example: GALA’s price drops to .25 cents and now buying a NFT for the Town Square daily rewards has a shorter break even point in theory, but than all of a sudden the game developer’s, raise the amount of daily rewards needed?

  • Surya Prakash says:

    Great tips. Thanks for the details. Can you help me with a similar game with minimum investment?

  • coin29 says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for doing all these videos. Very helpful. Quick questions: 1) how come worker not carrying wheat to wheat house? It just get disappear? 2) I paid for vineyard, but it’s not growing. How to get it working? Thank you.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      When something disappears that’s being carried by a worker, it’s because there is nowhere to store the item. For wheat, my guess would be that your silo is full. For a vineyard, you need 5 lumber to make the vineyard and then 1 wood and some water before it will grow grapes.

    • coin29 says:

      @Paul Hardingham oh ic. I did try to “clear” the silo but it’s not reacting. I kept the game playing when I went out, came back seeing fund keep dropping and still no income. 😭. Maybe I start anew. Thanks for quick reply. 🙏

    • Lou WW says:

      @Paul Hardingham having trouble figuring how to get lumber and water. Thank you though. 😊

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      @Lou WW To get lumber, you need a lumber mill. To get water for crops, you need wells (farmers collect the water) or marsh or ponds nearby. If you need water for industrial use you will need a “water facility”.

    • Lou WW says:

      @Paul Hardingham there is two wells next to it but it’s not collecting. I even 💣 two trees to get lumber, but one took up by peppermint farm. The other one disappeared when I wasn’t watching. 😂😅

  • Kingleonel says:

    The problem right now is that the NFT’s are too expensive so its a long way to recover your investment I do like the game but to spend 10k right now and recover it maybe in one year it’s a bit difficult.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Most NFT’s in Town Star have a pay back time of c. 280 days at the moment. If Town Coin doubles, that reduces to 140 days, if it halves, that pushes it out to 560 days. i.e. you are potentially doubling your money in 4-16 months which is astonishingly good returns. Compare this to the other traditional method of making high returns, the stock market, you’d do really well there if you managed to double your money in 8 years. I think Town Star NFT’s have a very strong chance of rising quite considerably from here still and you may look back and realise that actually, NOW was a very good time to buy.

    • Kingleonel says:

      @Paul Hardingham I do agree the problem I’m currently low in cash to invest crypto market it’s dipping right which it’s good to buy I guess 😅😅

  • Beyond the Bubble says:

    I just made a full video reviewing this. 0,53$ now, not 0,88$ per town coin. But, the NFT increased a lot.

  • Dylan McCroan says:

    Do you have to log in and physically click things to collect town coin or is this passive income? Sorry if I missed it in video.

  • Simon Goldberger says:

    Hey Paul, I like what you’re showing, is it possible to show us how to start earning, without the high value NFTs, I’m sitting here as a complete newbie and I have nothing, is it simply a case of you get back what you put in (which I don’t have a lot of fluid capital) so I see it’s about £50 to get Gala Gold, which gets me 1 Town a day with the express truck, whats the next step for a newbie ?

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