Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Offers and Products to Promote: November 2021 – ClickBank Success

Here’s what ClickBank affiliate marketers are having success with RIGHT NOW (November 2021)

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 #10 BioFit
2:14 #9 SynoGut
4:41 #8 ProstaStream
6:18 #7 Hyperbolic Stretching
8:42 #6 Dentitox Pro
11:40 #5 Altai Balance
13:33 #4 biOptimizers
17:11 #3 Exipure
21:18 #2 Trump 2020 Coin
25:12 #1 Java Burn
27:08 Recap

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Stephen Briant

  • Martin Hamilton says:

    Thanks again guys and Clickbank. Love the way you made chapters in the video notes.

  • Pocket Zeus Media says:

    So do you run ads to a landing page? Is that how you get conversions on these?

    • ClickBank says:

      It depends on the platform, but generally speaking, you would be sending customers (at some point) to a HopLink (aka affiliate link) where they would hopefully purchase.

      For some platforms (ie facebook) youll likely need your own landing page for running the ad, and then have your affiliate link in said landing page of your own. Hope that helps!

  • Kurt Mcclellan says:


  • S James says:

    I’m new to this even though I registered last month. And now that I am off work I am back at doing this. Can anyone give me some tips on the best spots to promote?

    • ClickBank says:

      Hey Antoine! Great question (in fact the golden question when it comes to being an affiliate).

      It’s really a matter of testing things out. The best place to promote depends on a wide variety of factors such as where your own audience lies (if you have one), what you’re promoting, and what demographics work best for what you’re promoting.

      I’d start with choosing what you’re going to promote and then doing research on where the best customers for that product would be. I.e. MAYBE a supplement geared toward males 45+ would do well on Facebook, etc.

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