Stephen Briant

  • vincent mancini says:

    great video man.
    learnt a lot!

  • Rock'nRolla says:

    one of the best ppv course i ever watched, thx a lot 🙂

  • DeeCee650 says:

    First course on PPV I’ve watched! Awesome stuff!! Thanks mannn!!

  • Faith Peace says:

    Thanks for sharing. Don’t focus on haters. l cam’t believe someone coming here to abuse. Some pple are evil. Love what you do. Thanks so much!

  • Tem Balanco says:

    Isn’t one of the challenges with this strategy the following: 1) People have to have this adware program installed and 2) They have to be searching for/ be interested in your particular niche… Doesn’t that make the overall potential audience for your offer in PPV very small?

  • Mubara A says:

    can the owners of the website you are targeting find out?

  • Umair Sheikh says:

    Love your content… Is there any optin page for don’t missing anything from you? I already subscribe! Thanks!

  • Shai Lev says:

    how do i connect my landing page to the affiliate sight im promoting?

  • John Mourad says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this tutorial, it is more than perfect. I have 2 questions if you don’t mind; I was wondering if other Ad making tools such as Adsbridge is the same as the one you’re using and can i make it without using a tracking tool ?

  • Qasim Ali says:

    In order to get access to TrafficVance, we need to deposit atleast $1000. Can you please suggest some other PPV Networks for like $100-$300 in order to start working?

  • Antquon Harris says:

    What website can we use to make a lander?

  • Pamela Saputo says:

    Thanks for your video …. excellent content!

  • K MULA says:

    What ppv network you are currently using?

  • K MULA says:

    P.S – 😉 Can you please make an updated video on how to create an display ad on trafficvance that’s known as propel media now because I’m in my propel media account right now but don’t know what to do thanks…

  • K MULA says:

    P.S – What landing page service are you using when running a pop up campaign on any ppv network of your choice?

  • mohammed tahar hamidechi says:

    Best cpa tutorial video on youtube

  • Online Lifestyle says:

    Ok so I have a pop ad campaign on ppv network & my pop up landing page is not gettin opt-ins… I see my campaign got 300 impressions on url but no opt-ins or clicks… How do I change this bc I’m gettin annoyed loosing money & I’m gettin in that mood to ask for my money from my account…

  • José Ignacio Matarazzo says:

    This video is great, are you still in this?

  • david mitchell says:

    Great chuck program going to try soon for mos

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