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  • Gaurab Das says:

    You have mentioned Landing page experience not preferably should have rich media like Video and should be text rich…..But dont you think experience is better with Videos and rich media.
    And you have mentioned about CTR but whose CTR has more relevance Keyword CTR or the Ad CTR…. Say I have a good converting keyword or good converting Ad with extremely low CTR….That inherently means the keyword or the ad may be clicked less number of times but gets me more conversion…..What do you suggest for this….

    There can be a possibility where ad and keyword has low CTR but high conversion and low quality score.

    So our campaign should be Quality score centric or Conversion centric

  • Tatiana Love says:

    this is honestly so helpful,

  • liran yahaloms says:

    Great Video very professional – Thank you

  • The1quran says:

    Marketer should have a lead capture page to capture leads.

  • galactic says:

    Wow…I know this is a video and that I can pause it & go back, but the talking here is WAY too fast! It was like running a race!

  • Marykutty Paul says:

    Hi, first of all, thank a lot for providing so much value. I have a question. WHY did you say to use text ad instead of using expanded text ad?

  • Umair Sheikh says:

    This is a great channel but unfortunately not active seriously. WHY?!

  • Dale L. Roberts says:

    Excellent tutorial!

  • waqas maxbounty says:

    I watched a lot of videos to learn affiliate marketing this video is one of best video I have ever seen thanks bro ,,you are great

  • Chris K says:

    is bing cheaper than google

  • Maurice Patterson says:

    Wow! That was good stuff but man was it fast! lol

  • Alex Khan says:

    Great video chuck. Would have been nice to have seen the results of the click rate in the ads.

  • Ferhat says:

    why do you speak very fast?

  • daBomb1968 says:

    awesome vid man. thx

  • $300 Bing, Google, Facebook ADS COUPON code says:

    This is very helpful and amazing video. Thanks a lot.

  • El Torino says:

    Chuck Nguyen aka Speedy Gonzalez

  • Dan Tetreault says:

    YouTube. Best beginner tutorial on Bing PPC advertising for newbie affiliate marketers.

  • soulsyncchakra says:

    this is the most thorough tutorial I’ve watched.I can just follow the step by step method and test my funnel now.thankyou

  • TravelMan says:

    Great video. So I am an old time SEO took a break and now I’m back with PPC. I was doing Blog articles for awhile when I returned but after spending 80 dollars a month on blog articles then waiting and waiting I find quicker results with PPC.
    One quick question. If i am using Clickbank direct linking and find alot of people clicking sometimes 100 a day and well basiclly leaving. Is there any fix for that? change keywords? etc etc

  • david mitchell says:

    This is a great vid need to get into ppc

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