Stephen Briant

  • Renzo Walter says:

    I cannot–for the life of me–even understand why business owners are still paying twice, or even almost 4x’s as much for Aweber and Get Response when there’s a much smarter and less expensive solution on the market.

  • Exoro says:

    Thanks, Chuck! aWeber is being so buggy and clunky. GetResponse is SO much better. I clicked on your affiliate link before purchasing:)

  • M Ly says:

    i wonder when i send a newsletter, where does it go ? if i got 1 subscriber

  • Salah Abdulhadi says:

    How can I set up clickbank campaign in GetResponse?

  • Jose Delgado says:

    Getresponse’s bad business practice.
    Be-careful, when cancelling account. The day you cancel is the day they close the account regardless you have already paid for the month. If you ask for a refund they pull their policy of no refunds. They will withdraw the money for the month even if you send them an email cancelling your account at the end of billing cycle. Since they have your credit card, there will be no way for you to remove it. You have to cancel the last day of the cycle or they will keep your money and they will not give you the service that you paid.
    Shame on them….

  • david mitchell says:

    Get response is great I use a weber to grow my lists its a good vid

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