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  • Ronen Yahaloms says:

    Chuck this is an awesome video –  One of the best on the web on the subject!

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    Great information, and i love your presentation Chuck. -brother teacher

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    You guys are the best! tons of UNBELIEVABLE info…Bless you guys

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    Great info man, will try this strategy for sure!

  • Phlos Angeles says:

    Great information – nice to view a good training video without feeling like the person is just trying to only get money out of you. This video made me feel like I can really make money in the affiliate marketing business. Good job Chuck Andy

  • Hassaan Khan says:

    A very good effort. Thank you so much for this video. I’m trying to build my email list. I’d rather choose 10 people who want my email newsletter than 100 who don’t open it… That’s my strategy….

  • Mikael Kaya says:

    Excellent video Andy, thanks for the tutorial.

  • Lionel F. Evans Sr. Affilliate Marketer & Coach says:

    Chuck…Thank you…your information was great…I have learnt much!

  • AI Tech Sisters says:

    I used to have a solo ad business but found there was a lot of bot traffic going around so I started to lose confidence in the whole industry. I am very wary of buying clicks now and refuse to lose hope that the industry will clean itself up. I must admit that almost all of my sales have come from Solo ads

  • Trey James says:

    Thank you for the information, LEGIT.

  • David CPro says:

    Super cool video thanks!

  • PointLine Global says:

    I LOVE that you go quick and cover the bases without fluff. So tired of listing to word with no real meaning. YOU give value, value, value! Thank you!

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    superb information. Real and honest, Tq

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    You’re Awesome!

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    THANKS 4 Sharing…GREAT info!!!!✊

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    Great vid chuck I’m now doing this in mos

  • Samuel Flores says:

    I really found the 6- figure mini course full of valuable information. I think that by applying what I’ve learned tonight I will avoid a lot of pitfalls beginners fall into when they first start.

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