How To Build A Niche Site in 2023- Step By Step Blueprint (Newbie Friendly)

Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free In 2023:

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You will learn a step by step process on how to build up your niche site, how to properly optimize it and how to get it ranking on Google.

Niche sites are a great source of passive income and awesome new affiliate marketers getting started.

The reason for this video training is to help as many people learn to get started as an affiliate marketer building niche sites. Without any complications and headaches.

The good thing about creating niche sites is you don't need to be an expert coder or any code for that matter. The one thing you do need to learn is using WordPress.

If you don't know what niche sites are, then this is the perfect video for you!

Follow the 7 step process and make 2023 an awesome start to your affiliate marketing journey.

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Stephen Briant

  • JaydeOnAir says:

    Watched from start to finish. Thanks for all the great info! Probably the closest thing to an Affiliate Marketing Bible. Keep it up guys!

  • Lloyd Winston says:

    I am at 16:45 and so far so good. I have watched a lot of videos on this topic and your information is consistent with what I have researched so far. I like the way you keep broad topics simple. Great job. I think I will watch to the end.

    • Lloyd Winston says:

      Made it through and it was great. You captured the full cycle of monetizing niche markets online. This is perfect for newbies like me to see the entire picture/cycle and then go deeper in research in the area that they feel they need to develop. For me I need to develop my content creation and writing as well as off-site optimization. The other parts of the process I think I can handle. Great job. You have taken all my days of watching videos and organized them in my head lol. Thanks again,

  • fitzroy Williams says:


    At last a tutorial which goes in depth. very well explained.

    Many thanks !!!!

  • thepsychocookie says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen on creating a niche site. I’ve wanted to get into affiliate marketing for so long and never knew where to start until now. Now I can finally start a niche site. Thanks for this awesome video.

  • Lisa Washington says:

    This has been very helpful.  I wasn’t sure where to begin in building a niche site.  Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Amir Almusawi says:

    I’m new. I finally jumped in and I’m setting up my first WordPress site right now, with the help of videos like yours. 

    I feel like you’re giving away better info than other people are selling!

    Many thanks, good sir.

  • Jason Chung says:

    Amazing, well in-depth guide!

  • MK DigitalM says:

    ah i’m glad i stumble on here! from what i can tell people are loving the video and the info you provide. I was looking for a more recent video on how to make niche sites using wordpress in 2015 and after i did a search sure enough your videos showed up! awesome! i’ve made a niche site already which needs to be optimized and i have a blank slate for a niche i think is a good idea. I watched the lazzyassstoners videos but he seems more outdated now because it is now 2015, also he makes you pay for the in depth course but you seem to be giving out good info for free which is better for value! for my next niche site i will be looking at your videos to start from the ground up!

  • Diana Cooper says:

    Thank you very much for sharing everything in your video absolutely brilliant training. This is exactly what were looking for simple but more details not complicated. Excellent …I subscribed to your channel.

    • Reza Forhad says:

      diana cooper Hi I love this video, mainly the tips for niche ideas
      . Something I also found helpfull for niche products to sell online
      was Elumpa Keyword Tool Alchemist – if anyone is interested search on google

    • Reen J says:

      +Diana Cooper I’m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about best niche businesses try Tarbetti Niche Supplier Tutor (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.

    • khabonina Mkhize says:

      Do you have people who have joined now recently?,because the comments are from 5 years ago.If so where are their current comments?

  • Jonathan Perkins says:

    Hey Andy! Thanks for this video. Great information and good clear breakdown. I love that you are keeping things to the point and laying it all out in a step by step format, it really helped me sort out how I want to build my site 🙂 Cheers!

  • pat Poonan says:

    powerful teaching. really appreciate. God Bless you.You are wonderful person for helping other people. thank you so much god bless you and your family. lucky i came to this video.

  • Jacob Hunter says:

    Finally what Ive been looking for, someone to break it down. Subscribed sir!

  • Catherine Storing says:

    Amazing content. I added it to my list of great tutorials and have shared it on several sites. Great stuff.

  • c0ver 1 says:

    Hi man, first I want to thank you for the video, it’s an awesome blueprint for niche websites. But I have a question, how often should I post new articles on my website ? Can I just put 8 ~ 12 articles and leave it like that for months or should I post on a frequent basis ?

    • Helenaville says:

      Google don’t like dormant websites.  Keeping it alive by posting even one article every two months will help maintain its ranking.

  • Mustafoinc says:

    Really enjoyed this, learned a lot out of it. Thank you for people like yourself! Have great success in your endeavors Chuck! Anything on FB ads in the future?

  • Website Views Today says:

    Great video! Very informative and a real “must watch”. Highly recommended.

  • Nasir Wadood says:

    So far the best video that actually teaches something. 🙂

  • Isaiah Washington says:

    Great video. Simple and to the point. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  • Embee says:

    Thanks so much for the detailed walk -through. It’s great that you listed recommended plug-ins! Subscribed!

  • veronica herzog says:

    THANKYOU so much. I am a newbie and understood everything crisp clear. Excellent explanation! God Bless.

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