Stephen Briant

  • Daniele Daniels says:

    Very nice video! Great tips and advice. Thanks so much!!!

  • nkaub says:

    Thank you very much.

  • Bob Moher says:

    Thank you. This is very helpful.

  • lidiya b says:

    thank you. it was a beautiful video and i appreciate the way you explained things so clearly. one doubt how to “create adds”  for the shirt already created in teespring?

  • Lisa Irby says:

    This was a GREAT video. I wish you had gone over how you target people who like THIS AND THAT because when you put two different interests in the Interest box, you’ll get people who are interested in EITHER and not both.  For example how do I target people who have a dog AND like running.  Not people who like dogs OR like running. Can you do this with Audience Insights?  I know you can use Audience Instersect, but I’ve heard that may be against FB terms.

    • Lisa Irby says:

      That’s what I thought. Thx for responding.

    • Lilly Lilly says:

      Hiyaaaa! Have you thought about – Incredible Niche Website Annihilator (google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cooworker got cool money with it.

  • Keith Smith says:

    Amazing video!

  • Teesane says:

    Great tutorial! We actually don’t have any sales minimums and offer free design for our sellers. I know you like Teespring, but we would love for you to give us a try. Let me know!

  • Jake and Hunter says:

    Very nicely done, thank you man

  • Harrden says:

    Good Job!

  • Will All Day says:

    Great video! Very helpful! I wish I would have watched it last week. Made a huge mistake on one design. smh

  • Soon Wah says:

    thanks . great training with clarity

  • Angela C says:

    do you make all your own fan pages to post your campaigns in to sell your shirts or do you just post your campaigns on public fan pages?

  • Unchartedid HellsArmy says:

    This was phenominal. Truly amazing video, thank you very much!

  • JoJoe godfrey says:

    thank you I was looking into this do you thank you.

  • JC Waffle says:

    so if i am running a 21 day campaign…my first day buyers will not receive their t-shirts for the next 25 days or so?
    if so this is way too long of a waiting period for a single shirt.

  • Nikola Velev says:

    Once you find your potential clients – for example in 3-4 Facebook groups. How to set up the campaign focus only on them?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Loredan Calimanu says:

    in the first 8 mins you bought me ,just sbscribed. going to go for t-shirts with some games ! cheers bro.
    if you have an e-mail for other questions and maybe to keep you informed on how my campaign works , it would be lovely! thankyou again bro!

    • Scott Bolin says:

      How did you do Loredan?

    • Loredan Calimanu says:

      I have a problem on how the tax interview on the amazon program works , I know they have their commission also there is a tax paid to the US , I am not a us citizen , never been and I do not have any tax information regarding that , and I was curious when or how they get the 30% from the profits? for each time I withdraw cash or as a tax sent to my address at the end of the year?

  • Will Spicer says:

    Customon is platform where you can get customized t shirts.

  • david mitchell says:

    Great vid chuck I maybe try it

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