Solo ads Decoded: What are solo ads? (and how to get them to work!)

Solo ads: Decoded…
You can buy solo ads here:
You can join the mega funnel here:

This next week I am going to decode the solo ad mystery! (and this is video 1 in the series!)

But what does this mean?

For the first time Ever I will be releasing the results of a whole swaithe of orders for my very own solo ads…

But on top of this I will be showing you how you can WIN with solo ads!

Over the next week I will be releasing a series of FREE training videos for anyone and every one to watch live and they will cover…

What are solo ads?
the good and the bad with solo ads
What funnels work with solo ads
How not all solo ads vendors are created equal.
How you can ALWAYS win with solo ads.

And much, much more.

These will be a series of short lives any one can attend and asked questions on, designed to help people navigate through the wierd and wonderful world of traffic!

Solo ads are amazing when you use them right, and this lives series of video is designed to to open your eyes to the reality of solo ads no matter what leve you are at!

Our 1st live is tomorrow at 7PM BST, let m eknow if you want to join us (each training will only be live once).

Be sure to share this post with any one who you think can benefit!


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