Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 – How To Get More Sales

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Stephen Briant

  • Nehan Udawatte says:


  • Landys Álvarez says:

    Great video. Thanks.

  • Michael Nryt says:

    Some fantastic advice and value in this, thank you. When targeting people in interests do you recommend the general recommended interest or should i go deeper and include pages that i believe my target audience likes?

  • Faizal Fajrie says:

    great video, thank you for inspire me.

  • Promisethetruth Channel says:

    Thanks for the tips… I will let you know what happens after using your methods..

  • Life Performance Strategies says:

    Hi Phil, just wanted to say thank you for making this vid, 🙂 Im just promoting my first published book at the moment and looking for ways to help and this info has definitely helped 🙂

    • Phil Carrick says:

      +Life Performance Strategies Cool, and congratulations on your 1st book….the first of many eh! What is the title of your book? Glad this helped. I would recommend creating a viral ‘giveaway’ campaign in Facebook. I had some software that I used to use that was really good for that. Let me look for it and see what we can do……just for fun, how does that sound? 🙂

  • keepitlo00 says:

    Nice video. But my only question is about the scaling part. Why would you change the ad that is working? I’m guessing your playing more toward accurate targeting rather than the advert itself. Interesting…


    God Bless you

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