Building the BEST Facebook Ads Landing Page! – Facebook Affiliate Marketing 2023

In this video, we're going to show you how to build the best landing page for Facebook affiliate marketing using ClickBank's landing page builder, Accelerator!

This Facebook affiliate marketing landing page tutorial will teach you all you need to know about how to build the best landing page for facebook ads, including tips & tricks to create near perfect landing pages for facebook affiliate marketing.

Having a landing page is CRUCIAL if you want to see consistent results in your affiliate marketing efforts. And most big platforms like Facebook actually require you to have a landing page if you are doing affiliate marketing on their platform. So it's in your best interest to learn how to build landing pages for affiliate marketing if you want to truly succeed as an affiliate.

So if you're still wondering what is a landing page for affiliate marketing here's a short definition…

A landing page for affiliate marketing is a singular webpage created by an affiliate marketer to promote products or services from other companies. This singular page is designed to convince people to take a specific action, usually by clicking on a link or button that leads to the company's website where the customer can make a purchase. And then you get paid a commission.

Now get out there, create an amazing facebook landing page for affiliate marketing, send some traffic, and make commissions! Your affiliate marketing landing page for Facebook ads is CRUCIAL to your success as an affiliate, so please don't neglect it. We cannot wait to hear and see what you achieve after watching this landing page for affiliate marketing tutorial. Happy scaling!

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0:00 – 1:22 – What is Landing Page for Facebooks Ads?
1:22 – 23:10 – Facebook Ads Landing Page Build
23:10 – 23:46 – Amazing Landing Page Builder for Affiliate Marketing

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Charlie Page

  • @malangjankeisanyang4813 says:

    That’s awesome πŸ‘

  • @malangjankeisanyang4813 says:

    I don’t have any experience when it’s come to make money online system

  • @ClickBankYT says:

    Please let us know what landing page questions you have and we’ll be happy to help! Wishing you the best with your Facebook Ads!!

    • @berhankaleb1560 says:

      Does Accelerator have A/B testing capabilities?

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      @@berhankaleb1560 Accelerator does not offer split testing natively, but it makes it incredibly easy and simple to add any scripts for external split testing tools.

    • @nacho7503 says:

      What if i put a pop-up form to capture emails when someone clicks on the button, before they land to the offer page, or vsl os whatever with my affiliate link for follow-up purposes?

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      @@nacho7503 Okay!

    • @mrgprojects1980 says:

      After I create a landing page, what do I do? Does it automatically get sent to a search engine? Do i post it somewhere? I noticed that after I created a landing page, i saw it was viewed and clicked on…how does this work?

  • @victordiazincle5603 says:

    great video! thanks for the insight

  • @EverydayGoodHealth says:

    I bought Accelerator. I was watching the help videos and ended up yelling at the screen.
    That damn music is too loud, and distracting and I can’t hear some of the words the women explaining is saying.
    The user experience is very unintuitive. I’m struggling to put my first landing page and email sequence together.

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      Hey there! Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some issues. Did you know that inside the Accelerator coursework there are PDF guides you can follow for how to set up a landing page?

      We’d also recommend using subtitles if our host is a bit too hard to understand. We often find that some students learn even better when the volume is turned down and the subtitles are turned up.

      Hope this helps! If you need additional support please don’t hesitate to reach out to

    • @EverydayGoodHealth says:

      @@ClickBankYT Found those, thanks. Just waiting on a domain name to go live now.

    • @EverydayGoodHealth says:

      @@godknows3082 Feels that way some days.
      I actually got a refund on Accelerator.
      Did the whole landing page and email sequence in an hour using my website and Aweber. 10x easier.

  • @angrejsingh2197 says:

    Wow Good Work Sir πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • @MrKpGamingYT says:

    Make ad creative videos. plz

  • @rodolphegeant says:

    Thank you for this very valuable content. How about landing pages for YT traffic ? Thanks

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      You’re so welcome! Glad you found it helpful. We actually have a landing page video for YouTube traffic on our channel currently. Check it out!

  • @berhankaleb1560 says:

    Does it have split testing capabilities?

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      Accelerator does not offer split testing natively, but it makes it incredibly easy and simple to add any scripts for external split testing tools.

  • @rodrigohumble says:

    Very good landing page and tips. It generated a lot of curiosity and check-out, but no sales.

  • @nacho7503 says:

    Great explanation! But, i would like to clarify something. When i drive traffic to a landing page like this, what happens if a person clicks on the button, then he lands to the offer page, a VSL in many cases, and somehow, this person leaves the page because he didn’t have enough time to watch the whole video, or he doesn’t buy the product? CONGRATULATIONS! You are burning money while driving traffic, and you’re losing those people, keeping in mind that many people who land on the sales page aren’t going to buy. Therefore, if i used a landing page like this for Facebook Ads, or any traffic source, i would put a pop-up form to capture emails for follow-up purposes when someone clicks on that button, because that way i’m ensuring myself that if someone doesn’t buy today, they could buy tomorrow.

    I’ll wait for your feedback, greetings!

  • @learnerburner8832 says:

    Great video! I have a question? does a landing page need a domain like a website?

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