5 Minute Google My Business Optimization Hack!

Google My Business Optimization – All it will take you is less than 5 minutes. This simple SEO strategy will boost your Google Business profile. For more info check out

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Stephen Briant

  • Phil Carrick says:

    Hope you found the video useful. Let me know in comments below 👇

  • Shahid Amin says:

    Great stuff, really useful to know. Keep them coming Phil !

  • TripWire says:

    Great stuff! Very useful information. It seems like a quick and practical way to boost your business at a reasonable price. Thank you!

  • Brendan Mulholland says:

    Great video Phil thank you for sharing. One question would be, is there a limit to the number of keywords you add to the business name in the Google merchant account?

    • Phil Carrick says:

      Hey buddy, glad you found it useful. Great question, I would keep it to 3 top keywords to be in the safe side

  • Makzy M says:

    Once again Phil you have delivered, top man

  • One Stop Safety Training says:

    Thank you Phil love this !

  • Todd Westra says:

    This video is a great way to quickly and easily optimize your Google My Business profile. The tips are easy to follow and can make a big difference in the visibility of your business online.

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