How to remove photos from Google Business Profile

Removing photos in your Google Business profile is not straightforward! If you’re a local business then a fully optimised Google Business Profile is critical. Find out more at

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Stephen Briant

  • Phil Carrick says:

    Thanks for watching and I hope you found the video helpful. Need help ranking your Google Business? Pease check out

  • Manus Scullin says:

    Thanks for sharing Phil! πŸ™‚

  • Amy Nelson says:

    Hello. When I click on the photo I want to remove from my business page, there is no thumbs up or flag– only an “X” to close the box, which doesn’t delete the photo. This is a photo I uploaded but I”m trying to update my pictures so want to remove the older ones. Any ideas? Thanks,

    • Phil Carrick says:

      That’s strange Amy. Is this definitely a photo that the business owner has uploaded? If not you will have to flag it with Google

    • Amy Nelson says:

      @Phil Carrick I went into a chat with google, and after 30 minutes and sending them screenshots, I figured it out. I had to click my cover photo then I can access all the photos and can delete the ones I don’t want to show anymore. You did that in your video with the mouse but I missed your click on that photo! Thank you,

    • Phil Carrick says:

      @Amy NelsonΒ  Perfect! So pleased you were able to get sorted. I was going to ask you to send me a screenshot, but glad you’ve got there πŸ˜€

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