withdrawing money from coinbase

Short video tutorial showing how to withdraw funds from coinbase. Please feel free to comment and give the thumbs up if you found this video useful.

Stephen Briant

  • Jay-Tee says:

    How can I verify my UK bank account, I have deposited money to my account using SEPA as requested and my bank is still not verified

  • Investor Jess says:

    Very helpful thank you!

  • Stevie Dee says:

    Greetings…I am in Australia and Coinbase does not support sells here. How do you convert currencies in Coinbase? Can I find another wallet that takes Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin and just transfer it all out of Coinbase. I hear some troubling stories about coinbase anyway.

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      There are some negative stories for Coinbase – but I think it’s a very difficult task for them as we are talking Billions in transactions every month and Coinbase have to protect themselves from fraud. I didn’t realise you couldn’t use Coinbase in OZ though.

  • Kevin Ceulemans says:

    Hi, so if i understand it good you have to pay 2 fees: 1 is from Btcwallet to euro wallet, and the other from euro wallet to your bank acc? what is the fee of the seconden transaction?

  • abuhanifah83 says:

    so i made the mistake of selling bitcoin into my GBP wallet, now I cannot withdraw from GBP wallet as the option is not available. Can i transfer my GBP into my euro wallet for withdrawl? or would it be better to just reinvest than money into ETH or LTC for the time being

  • David Avalos says:

    Anyone know of another exchange with lower fees ?

  • Robert Garrett says:

    Hi Paul. Great video and very fitting for the times. I was wondering if you could advice me on a problem regarding my Eur wallet.
    I have set up everything and have bought several coins to use for other purchaes but my issue is withdrawing funds from my ero wallet to my bank account. I have now sent a payment to coinbase with the attached reference number twice. The first time the money came out of my account but i had no confirmation from coinbase and no funds ended up in my wallet. The second time the funds ended up in my wallet but again no email confirmation and and when i press withdraw it just says i need to add an account and the account i have attached just says “verify” I am almost 100% sure i have done everything correctly.. It is so frustrating becasue i am watching coins gain valie but no way i am buying anything till i know i can cash out.
    countless emails to coinbase with no reply.. I am in the UK
    Any tips would be hugley welcomed.

    • Arielle Phoenix says:

      same issue, how did it go in the end? Sad to see they haven’t updated their practices despite the fact that everybody has an issue with them, no different from the banks, this stuff will kill bitcoin

    • Robert Garrett says:

      London Stax Hi. I’ve just completely given up now. I did receive 1 reply email asking me to further explain the issue. I did this but have heard nothing since. I use bitstamp now and I have experienced no problems with them yet.

    • Sarah Dansby says:

      Robert Garrett so you’ll suggest bitstamp over coinbase? I want to purchase bitcoins through coinbase but I also want to be 100% sure I’ll be able to withdrawal my money back into my account

    • Robert Garrett says:

      Sarah Dansby well just to be clear I am absolutely not in a position to give any advice regarding crypto currency. I’m very new to this game. I am just focusing on slowly creating some savings in crypto currency. Like you though I want to feel secure that I can if I want to sell my coins and have the money/cash deposited in to my bank account. I am in the uk and my experience of Coinbase was relatively smooth. The majority of sections on Coinbase work well but having tried time and time again they will not verify my bank account. I have followed all steps on multiple occasions but still they won’t verify it. Emailed them countless times and have received no guidance. Having researched this issue it appears to be something many people in Europe are being faced with. So I tried Bitstamp and everything I need to work is functioning. I have successfully bought/sold and withdrawing the cash from sale back into my bank account. So they get my vote. Hope this helps.

    • Robert Garrett says:

      PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP NEWS & LIVE SPEECH 2017 Yeah i would give up with them if I was you. There customer support is pathetic. Regarding selling your coins via bitstamp and transferring the funds via sepa to your bank account I have had no problems with them. I’m sorry but I don’t have the answer to your Paypal question.

  • Morgan Mugambi says:

    Everytime I click Withdraw, it pops a message ”Before withdrawing funds, please add a payment method. I’ve added 2 of both my visa and mastercard but cannot select each of them. I see the cards listed but I’m unable to select one to withdraw money to. PLEASE HELP ME

    • James Abell says:

      Hi Morghann, are you UK based? This is happening to me too (feels a bit scammy now). Any success yet?

    • template45 says:

      yep same here got a few hundred quid i cant withdraw

    • James Abell says:

      Sorry to hear, mine is half that. Also apparently you cannot withdraw to UK accounts, so it should be illegal for them to allow people with UK accounts to put money in surely? There is some form to fill in to “enable” one to withdraw to UK, will have to do that and wait…

    • template45 says:

      im just trying to withdraw to my debit card. this is ridiculous. what’s the form?

    • James Abell says:

      its a SEPA form, you do it when you withdraw, with the code it gives. I did it once now waiting, can’t find it again, hope it works for you!

  • Hammad Sarwar says:

    how for UK bank account if we want to withdraw in uk bank account?

  • Tarvarus Plante says:

    You have to get a online bank account connect your routing number to the Coinbase and your user ID name To make withdrawals

  • Steven Wallace says:

    Any reason you used the Euro Wallet over the GBP Wallet?

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      Yes, because at the time Coinbase didn’t allow withdrawal to a UK bank account from GBP wallet as their banking facility is in Europe so they prefer Euros for withdrawal. I don’t know if that is still the case, but I think it probably is.

  • catsss says:

    i started a withdraw on 22nd and got a email from coinbase saying i should receive it on the 25th. it is 27th today and i checked my account and nothings there?? How long does the withdraw take??

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      There was another update very recently (last few days) that said some SEPA bank transfers are now likely to take 7-10 business days. Obviously there’s not many business days around at the moment with all the holidays.

  • NoClickBait says:

    Can i send directly to my bank account instead of transferring to my wallet first?

    • Paul Hardingham says:


    • NoClickBait says:

      Paul Hardingham
      Oh crap! 🤦‍♂️ I sold some btc to my bank acct and not to my usd wallet. It gave me both options to deposit, so i figured i can use either!

    • Paul Hardingham says:

      OK perhaps you can then. I’ve always sold BTC to my EUR wallet and then transferred from wallet to bank account. I’m surprised if you can sell BTC to your bank account as I’m not aware of any banks that will accept BTC but hey, I might be wrong.

    • Felix Foti says:

      BAZ1NGA510 did it work? I did this accidentally with litecoin yesterday? How long does it take?

    • NoClickBait says:

      @Felix Foti
      Yes. It worked fine! Same amount to transaction time as normal. So no needs to be concerned! This an old video so maybe they didn’t have that option before?

  • lucia201189 says:

    Be aware your banks will charge you £15-£20 per transfer , just setting up bank account with coinbase going to cost £15-£25

  • Bingo Bingo says:

    Dose it have to be done on computer or can it be done on the APP too?

  • Danny JF says:

    Hi, how long did it take coinbase to verify your bank account as I’m in this process already awaiting for a verification. Nervous of loosing £11 from what I had to pay doing the SEPA transaction.

  • BobJayBoxing says:

    Can you get your limit higher that 100000 on coinbase

  • bradley jabody says:

    Is there any available way of transferring money from Coin Base Wallet to ANZ Bank Account via ANZ visa card?

  • Sebastian R. says:

    THANK YOU! I have been trying to withdraw my funds for a while now and couldn’t figure it out. Much appreciated.

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