Use AI to Differentiate Yourself in Your Market

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In this Spotlight Session, we speak with Ruheene Jaura, an experienced product marketer in the chatbot tools and promptless white label AI app space.

We discuss things like:

💥 What Product Marketing is, what it isn't
💥 Conversational AI vs strategy-building AI
💥 How to apply positioning to messaging
💥 Promptless AI, using AI to replace your need for a product marketing team to sell more SaaS
💥 And more!

All in one marketing platform

Stephen Briant

  • @highoctanelocalmarketing169 says:

    Great training session, where can I get the AI prompts that she was referring to?

  • @carltheyoda2155 says:

    Fantastic conversation! Ruheene is dropping 24K nuggets!

  • @FearlessMarketer says:

    This was an awesome Podcast. Ruheene, You are amazing. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the AI prompts that you referred to on the show…Hey Paulson,😀 great job man

  • @red39entertainment16 says:

    Where is the prompt link?

  • @thetinadahmen says:

    LOVE these glasses 😀

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