Top 10 ClickBank Offers and Products to Promote: September 2021 – ClickBank Success

Here's what ClickBank affiliate marketers are having success with RIGHT NOW (September 2021)

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0:00 – Intro
2:10 #10 Keto Breads & Keto Desserts
4:44 #9 SynoGut
6:57 #8 The Smoothie Diet
9:04 #7 Ceracare
11:03 #6 BioFit
13:57 #5 Revitaa Pro
16:49 #4 Speechelo
18:53 #3 The Lost Book Of Remedies
21:06 #2 Hyperbolic Stretching
23:41 #1 Dentitox

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Stephen Briant

  • Thomas McMahon says:

    Don’t forget to check out the description for timestamps and links to resources for the offers!

  • birudula Anil kumar says:

    Yes..what about Okinawa flat belly tonic it has high gravity……but not in the list some thing is wired…

    • Thomas McMahon says:

      Did you watch the intro? Mychal explains why there’s a difference between the marketplace and the list he pulls each month

    • imannia Channel says:

      @Thomas McMahon having issue and cant enter the marketplace, help me please!!

    • Mychal Lowman says:

      Gravity is different than how I rate the offers. Intro has a great explanation of my process. In short, I’m looking at the likelihood that an offer will not only convert but provide a better than average affiliate payout. Hope this helps.

  • Mr. MẠNH says:

    Thank you, two handsome guys! Always wait for this every month 🙂

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    Can’t access the market place please make a video on how to access the market place

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    Man, I wish you guys would define a lot of the lingo and abbreviations you are using. It’s hard to keep track.

  • MarkedMoneyTech says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  • Readerboot says:

    🤔🤔🤔I have some problem on CB, when I Click the Affiliate Marketplace of CB it shows again login page although I have already logined. So How Can I Fix this Problems…
    Please Help Me..


    Where do most of you guys get your leads converted to sales from

  • Ray Makara says:

    Thanks for the info on these products!
    Question…I notice 2 values for the Gravity score on a lot of the products. Can you explain? Which one is the Gravity score and what’s the other one? Thanks!

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    My name Manoj varma. I am youtuber .. India 🇮🇳.. Your total video I love 😍…
    I want works click banks..

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    I am unable to register with the platform. The error message I get is, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept new sign-ups that do not meet the requirements…”. Tried everything (clearing cookies, using a different browser) and even contacted customer care. Any solution? Does this work in India?

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