Top 10 ClickBank Offers and Products to Promote: August 2021 – ClickBank Success

Here's what ClickBank affiliate marketers are having success with RIGHT NOW (August 2021)

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Discover the top 20 best selling ClickBank products of all time:

0:00 – Intro
0:41 #10 The Forgotten Power of Plants
2:09 #9 ReVision
4:04 #8 ProMind Complex
5:45 #7 Steel Bite Pro
7:29 #6 Ceracare
9:09 #5 Revitaa Pro
12:54 #4 Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
15:08 #3 BioFit
17:17 #2 Hyperbolic Stretching
19:50 #1 Dentitox

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Stephen Briant

  • KetoGo says:

    Wow wonderful video sir

  • birudula Anil kumar says:

    Will this product converts well?

  • dipanjan das says:

    When I see your review, this is all about health related products? Nothing on other niche?

    • Affiliate Marketing Journey says:

      Well, I’d imagine because the health niche is amongst the biggest ones out there. They are not the ones who choose the top offers… the numbers and stats do and numbers/stats don’t lie so they can’t tell you that the top offer is some product in another small niche that you prefer or happen to be in. Perhaps to your point, they could make another segment/video series where they cover the top offers in the different niches.

    • Thomas McMahon says:

      I couldn’t say it better than @Affiliate Marketing Journey . And doing some other niche ones is a good idea – maybe on a quarterly basis or something… will discuss with the team

  • Harshal Agrawal says:

    I am trying to create affiliate account on click bank but after few step at the end it is coming account disabled….plz help me๐Ÿ™

  • Md. Mostfa Kamal says:

    Great .Information. Mostfa

  • NGUYแป„N NGแปŒC TRUNG says:

    Why can’t I see 10 products featured on Click Bank? How do I sell that product? Thanks

    • ClickBank says:

      Hey there! Just log in to your ClickBank account, check out our Marketplace, pick up your affiliate link, and begin promoting. And check out if you need additional educational support. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gsprotennis says:

    Thanks for the video guys! Question: How do you rank your offers in this video compared to clickbank’s marketplace results by “Rank”? This is the breakdown I see in my account:

    1. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic
    2. Biofit
    3. Dentitox
    4. Numerologist
    5. Resurge
    6. Diabetes Freedom
    7. Ceracare
    8. The Smoothie Diet
    9. Lean Belly 3x
    10. Back to Life Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • Balkrishna Sahu says:

    Thank you for wonderful video guys! You provide us wonderful knowledge about top product thank you.

  • Rick Huey says:

    The Forgotten Power of Plants 00:44
    Revision 02:19
    ProMind Complex 04:05
    Steel Bite Pro 05:45
    Ceracare 07:29
    Revitaa Pro 09:10
    Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic 12:56
    BioFit 15:18
    Hyperbolic Stretching 17:15
    Dentitox 19:50

  • MAFIA says:

    Why we can’t open click bank account from Bangladesh?

  • kitchen passion says:


  • Atik Hasan Ovi says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have created a click bank account, but this account has not been approved. My account was disabled. Please my account enable

  • Abdullah says:

    Hi, I recently saw that now you support clients from more countries, it had Pakistan in it too, does that mean I can now be an affiliate from Pakistan?

    • ClickBank says:

      Hey there!

      Signing up for an account is conditional upon approval. We look to global regulations and other factors when making these decisions. Global regulations can change and we may offer accounts in your area in the future.

      You can create a request here- , but please allow time given the volume of inquiries we receive. Thank you!

  • Md Jawed says:

    Nice video ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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