The HighLevel Release Radar – June 17th – 28th, 2024

Join us as we recap the new releases from June 17th – 28th, 2024!

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00:00 Introduction and Apologies
01:30 First Release: New Block Editor for Funnels and Websites
02:18 Custom Objects Explained
03:57 Social Planner Updates
05:53 Email and Calendar Enhancements
07:46 Payments and Forms Updates
09:31 Conversation AI and Calendar Improvements
14:03 E-commerce Enhancements
19:22 Email Marketing Statistics Enhancements
20:26 Call Recording and IVR Updates
20:57 Workflows Custom Code Element
21:40 Redesigned Media Storage
22:43 Calendar Updates: Multiple Meeting Locations
23:19 Quality of Life Enhancements: URL Redirects
23:53 E-commerce Store Enhancements
24:57 Agency Dashboard Revamp
25:34 Affiliate Manager Updates
27:01 Mobile App Updates: WhatsApp Media Templates
28:28 Forms and Surveys Enhancements
29:13 Text Elements Entrance Animations
30:10 Template Library Update
31:00 Deliverability Improvements
32:45 Affiliate Manager Workflow Actions
33:22 International Tap2Pay and QuickBooks Integration
35:12 Mind-Blowing Upcoming Releases
38:51 Conclusion and Farewell

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Stephen Briant

  • @2MRSTARZ says:

    Let’s goo hiighhh levelll!! Vegas must’ve been fun hahaπŸ˜…

    • @gohighlevel says:

      It was a good time! – Chase

    • @2MRSTARZ says:

      First and last time I was over there was for the Omega carpet business expo and it was a real pleasure I’m originally from Miami FL and I thought I seen it all until I saw that Vegas literally never shuts down quite different from the rest of the states I might say

  • @2MRSTARZ says:

    That’s something that I see a lot of people don’t use ivr and it’s amazing

    • @gohighlevel says:

      It’s pretty sweet right? – Chase

    • @2MRSTARZ says:

      For sure super underrated it might be because for it to actually work correctly you need to have multiple numbers with twillio so you can route calls back to the office or any other staff member most people only have one number and when ivr is activated it disables the original phone setup but I I’ve done that work around and now ivr is working flawless

  • @LeadSurge3000 says:


  • @EvanHirschMD says:

    Would the custom value math option be good for creating a quiz in HL?

  • @BrightResultsMedia says:

    @30:00 i implemented into my clients websites immediately.

  • @keata says:

    When will we be able to use the social planner to post on YouTube (Shorts, Long form, Community Etc.)??????????????

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