School Teacher Turned TikTok Affiliate Marketer: How Brett Boles Quit His Job to Earn $100K+ Online

Brett Boles was a burnt out high-school choir teacher working 12 hours a day. He wanted to pursue his own songwriting and creative outlets, be there more for his family, but was absolutely exhausted at the end of his work day.

But one day, after hearing about TikTok from his students, Brett decided to give TikTok content creation a try. And, well….let's just say after 2.5 years he was able to break through with a following of more than 500,000 (Brett Boles, The M Tea).

Now that Brett had this massive following he knew he had the opportunity to monetize his content, but he wanted to make sure what he promoted as a TikTok affiliate was valuable and beneficial to his followers. He discovered ClickBank affiliate marketing, found a music offer that he believed in, and began telling his followers to check that link in his bio.

Brett Boles has officially become a TikTok affiliate marketer. But he didn't stop there….

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    We hope you thoroughly enjoyed watching his story and we cannot wait to tell more affiliate marketing success stories.

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