My Surprising Results Using European Safelist

I have had excellent results using European Safelist. The pro membership gives you the ability to do 3 credit mailings per day, 500 leads per month and the use of an autoresponder follow up system. This is only $7 per month!

I have received about 12 opt ins over the last few days just sending to the credit mailer. Everybody who uses this system is a marketer so this is an ideal platform to promote, and

The above programs all promote services and software which help people get more traffic to their website. So this very targeted marketing for almost no money.

You may join our affiliate programs for free here:

I suggest joining all our affiliate programs above and then joining European safelist. Then start sending out 3 mailings per day using Europeansafelist to all 3 of your affiliate links.

Do not let the name fool you. I am getting leads from all over the world including the US. In any case we accept orders from all over the world so there is no problem selling to international customers.


Stephen Briant

  • Ján Šprlák says:

    Beta tester od roku 2016 oceňujem,,

  • Crypto Masterclass says:

    thanks for the video…..looking for more traffic for my crypto channel … im going to give this a go … any other traffic sources would be greatly appreciated thanks

  • says:

    We will doing all our future videos on our software on this channel:
    Please subscribe there to keep updated on all out future updates.

  • thpwrfgq says:

    Warning there is a Safelist company called WIFI Mailer. I paid for their service and they did not honor their adverting. I sent them multiple emails to resolve the issue and they would not answer any of my emails to them.

    • Tom K says:

      That’s a crappy mailer anyways. I’m a serial safelister. There’s really only maybe 10 mailers out there worth upgrading to.

      I track the data of these mailers and know which ones are worth using just free. Which ones you want to upgrade to. Which ones you don’t want to bother with at all.

      Wifi Mailer is not only not worth upgrading to, but not using period. Total crap.

  • abdou sami says:

    Can I get commission to affiliate product if I use this site!!?…and what is the suitable affiliate products to use it here

  • Viral Stacking says:

    Can you import leads/emails into the autoresponder with any of the membership levels?

  • Tom K says:

    I’ve been using European Safelist for over a year. And it’s one of the most consistent mailers for generating leads for me. It’s a really good mailer.

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