Mastering Metrics for Massive Growth: Data-Driven Success from LTV Numbers ft. Tyler Ryan

Tyler Ryan joins the Affiliated podcast to talk about how you can separate yourself from the competition by getting crystal clear on your customer lifetime value. And why most businesses are calculating this wrong. 

Want to know exactly how much you can pay an affiliate? Or how big you can scale on Facebook ads? Strap on your headphones because Tyler is going to detail how LTV and his "KPI 3" will take your guess work to NASA level accuracy on where you can spend your dollars for the biggest ROI.

Get ready to dive into increasing your AOV's, conversions, customer satisfaction, and more!

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Charlie Page

  • @MShiv1111 says:

    Thanks for the video, this was one of the best videos I have watched in years. Packed with knowledge bombs, thanks Thomas and Ryan!

  • @malangjankeisanyang4813 says:

    Thank you guys Amazing business ❤

  • @dtichannelupdate says:

    hello ,
    I’m a newbie, I got my first sale plus upsell, but the status is CDR, because I haven’t fulfilled the first 5 sales.
    Will the proceeds from my sales that do not meet the CDR requirements be lost? Or is it temporarily saved so that it can be accumulated later?

    Thank you

    • @ClickBankYT says:

      Congratulations on your first sale and upsell on ClickBank! Regarding the Customer Distribution Requirement (CDR), it’s important to understand how it works in relation to your earnings. The CDR rule requires new ClickBank accounts to meet certain criteria before they can receive their first payment. This includes making sales with a minimum of 5 different credit card numbers and having sales from at least two different payment methods.

      The proceeds from your sales that are currently marked as “CDR” are not lost. They are held in your account. Once you meet the CDR requirements, these funds will be released to you. So, your current earnings are temporarily saved and will be accumulated until you fulfill the CDR criteria. It’s an important fraud prevention measure put in place by ClickBank to ensure the security and integrity of transactions.

      Keep in mind that every sale, whether it meets the CDR requirement or not, contributes to your total earnings. Once you’ve met the necessary criteria, you’ll receive your accumulated earnings based on the payment schedule you’ve set in your account.

    • @dtichannelupdate says:

      @@ClickBankYT Thank you very much for the explanation. 🙏

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