I Tried “The Real World” – Was It Worth It? (My Unbiased Review)

I’m a multi-millionaire here’s my Real World Review by Andrew Tate – is it worth it? Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤️

Andrew Tate recently rebranded his Hustlers University program into “The Real World” Program but what’s inside will shock you. As a multi-millionaire who started his internet business in the year 2000 I know a thing or two about how to make money online and I was shocked to see inside The Real World program.

So I thought it would be a great idea to do a Real World Review of the Andrew Tate program to see – is it worth it?

I also do a deep dive on the psychological strategies and marketing tactics Andrew Tate deploys online and how he has grown his audience, outside of The Real World program in other videos on my channel. What do you think – is The Real World worth it?

Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤️

Stephen Briant

  • Dean Holland says:

    But… but… what colour is your bugatti??!! 😂😂 … on a serious note, great video and interesting to see.

    You nailed it for me with the breakdown of tate as a whole in that no one can deny he has mastered the art of attention… if only his actual product lived up to same level!

  • Michael Cheney says:

    Grab my foolproof escape plan for the frustrated, working man:❤https://GrowFast.biz/plan

  • Ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas says:

    As someone who’s been I a year I’m about 5-6 figures. It’s a lot of work. But In my opinion it’s the community.

  • SABIN007 says:

    I would love to be part of your brilliant work system but I’ve nothing to make the purchase! I don’t even have a bank account!

    • Michael Cheney says:

      I understand. Just use all the free training here on my channel and apply that to get results

  • Mellisa Siska says:

    This is such a great video! Thank you for breaking it down… and honestly the WOW guy at the end had me dead lol Thank you for the review!

  • H W says:

    I think you went into this with a negative mindset, even if it was good you wouldn’t have given in credit.

  • p. perez says:

    I bought the course and it’s 100% worth it

  • Sergio Aguilar says:

    Lol, nice editing and very genuine. Subbed.

  • CoAch CNR says:

    Michael can you consider doing a review like this one with iman gadzhi’s new course

  • Lewis YT says:

    Watched all your videos about the Millionaires course. I actually don’t have 2K but I have a part time job at McDonald’s, as well as school. I plan to not spend anything and try as hard as possible to make up the funds for the course. It looks like the escape I’ve been after – because nothing I do actually makes me money. You’re actually more generous than people think for selling this only for 2K.

    • Michael Cheney says:

      Great attitude! See you inside at some point!

    • RealMenNoRules says:

      just join the real world its only $50

    • Lewis YT says:

      @RealMenNoRules is it actually worth it tho caise by this video it isnt

    • AfroShogun says:

      ​@lewisyt5788 that really depends on how you do it. If you’re able to choose what you want to you wanna do. You need to put in the time and dedication and understand you won’t make big bucks in just a week or a month, it takes time. But as long as you understand that then you got this!

  • Daniel Nicholson says:

    ironically, the only business that does better with family and friends is ILLEGAL business. Legal business with family and friends is absolutely horrible and can ruin not only your business, but your family relationships. One of the worst pieces of business advice I have ever heard.

  • susza89 says:

    TBF Ive seen another review of the real world and alot of it made sense and seemed worth it.
    However it was about e-commerce/dropshipping…

    It looks like thats always the recomended one and it dosnt matter what your answers are so my guess its the only valuable thing in the real world.
    Defo not worth 50$ every month…
    One time 50$ maybe.

    Personally Im drawn to dropshipping as its cheap to set up. You really only pay for the shopify account.
    Low risk = low reward I guess…

    Good video. Youve been fair and objective.

  • Josh Thomas says:

    I was searching for an an unbiased review. This opened my eyes. Thank You

    • Michael Cheney says:

      Glad it was helpful!

    • Silenced, but not forgotten. says:

      It basically guides you to an on-line business direction and then gives you very basic stuff. You can find that online as well, but I guess having a source that gathers all the information is helpful. You do not really need to pay after the first month or so, because it does not really teach you anything valuable beyond that.

      The page is basically a self-motivation group where people mostly post their gym updates, besides the pinned, dubious ad-like monthly winnings.
      People are positive there (although many are childish or the typical “redpilled” teens) and will help/advise you, but the professors are usually not really available – perhaps understandably considering how many people there are.

      The advice you will learn on how to get clients is not that good, honestly. All the advice is very generic and you will end up applying all the marketing strategies that all these scam-like ads use. Generally, you just click away from them, right? Exactly. They can work, but since everyone writes the same sentences, you just end up with a text that reads as if it was written by an AI and you will appear like everybody else. Thus, you will very often get dismissed by clients.

    • Silenced, but not forgotten. says:

      ​@Michael CheneyI agree with your review. Every month? Absolutely not worth it. Just to have a peak and get a start? Yeah, why not.

      Although not everything is step-by-step, you can still use many methods directly or incorporate them in the steps, such as in the ecom course.

  • Silenced, but not forgotten. says:

    Thank you! FINALLY an unbiased review without a paid link to the course.

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