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How You Can Get Money For Free
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When you have no money, building good credit can open many doors and opportunities to scale your businesses and weather storms. If you want to find out what exactly credit can do for you and how you can start building a credit history, here is all you need to knowβ€¦πŸ˜Ž

00:00 – The Easiest Way To Get Money
01:24 – What Is Credit?
02:45 – Build A Credit History
03:35 – Try The "Authorized User" Hack
05:02 – Get A Secured Credit Card
05:24 – Why Am I A Fan Of Credit?
08:33 – The Perks Of Doing Business With Credit
09:19 – Join Our Community!

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Charlie Page

  • @subhaan8135 says:

    ❀first viewed

  • @oceandust5346 says:

    It’s nice seeing John making content again

  • @JohnCrestani says:

    Theres no excuse to still be working a job. Start a business. Time is not an excuse. Money is not an excuse. Lets goooo

  • @gat3010 says:

    cool to see you back again, I have learned a lot from your past lives

  • @gat3010 says:

    My credit limit in my country is $800. 😒

  • @Kristinapedia says:

    I’ll have credit after I file bankruptcy. 🀣

  • @MAMHEALTH says:

    Hello John!

    Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your tips.

    I’m here to let you know that this law is not allowed in “ISLAM”. Because the end of the month you have to add extra money to pay back..

    We’re not allowed to use it..

  • @kikicooper69 says:

    I have about 15 credit cards. My credit score last year was in the 800’s….since inflation hit. I’m now 650. I’ve already got a loan I’m paying off

  • @charlesnnanah3217 says:

    Hi am Chris have been enjoying your videos 4 de past 1yrs now it’s been really rewarding, my wish is to have a mentorship from you

  • @msou4665 says:

    Nope. Uk

  • @AjkerkhoborRajshahi says:

    Nice Video

  • @kennardhicks1530 says:

    45 thousand dollars credits limit on one card but the rest are 15 thousand, some only 3 thousand, credit score is 810/ 812 way aren’t the rest like 30 to 40 thousand

  • @JohnCrestani says:

    Ready to ditch the cubicle and live on your own terms? My FREE course + FREE book will give you the blueprint.Β 
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  • @joegarcia5348 says:

    Wow! I’m at 16k and wish I could figure out how to grow that and use towards scaling my networth.

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