How to start bot trading 3.5% ROI in 24 Hours

Trading bots have the potential to generate profits for traders by automating the trading process and capitalizing on market opportunities.
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Stephen Briant

  • @JeremyRush64 says:

    Create a FREE account Link Below πŸ‘‡

  • @KirubelAbraham-qj8mt says:

    Can you please guide me sir,

  • @wala2730 says:

    So tell me why you are having to add more money to start trading? If the BOT is making money you should have a balance available in the account for trading. So you either took out your cash or the more likely explanation is you lost all your money on this scam bot. People beware – scammers are everywhere.

    • @JeremyRush64 says:

      you seem not to understand trading, if you have $20 USDT to buy a token and you want to make a profit, then the price of the token you bought needs to go up in price from the point you bought the token, however if the price drops then you would need to hold the token till the price goes up to the profit level.

      Thats where a trading bot comes in, a bot can DCA so it can make a profit at sell the lots that it DCA in with.

      Why not create a free account watch the videos in the user guide then you will understand how trading bots work

      You will never make any money if you see everything as a scam!!
      1st do some due diligence.

      Then after doing your due diligence you believe its a scam then you are right however after doing your due diligence you believe its a legit way to make money you would also be right

      Its not for me or anyone else to try and change you belief system.

      Anyway thank you for your feedback and point of view
      all the best :0)

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