How to make any Paid traffic source work with any offer +Xmas Giveaway!!!

How to make any Paid traffic source work with any offer +Xmas Giveaway!!!
The big Xmas Bonanza!

Last year we gave away 3 laptops on our Xmas giveaway!
But this year we are making it bigger and better!
On these Live trainings not only wil I be giving away 1000's of dollars (see below for prizes)…
I will be showing you the way I get paid traffic working with any offer, the real secret you need to use to get traffic and offers working over and over and over again…

You will actually see how I get my own offer working with over 500,000 clicks sent to it!
Join us live to be in with a chance of winning one of the folowing….

🎁Most shares – 10 X $50 Amazon Gift Cards of the live!
🎁Most Dominator Sales:Top 10: Amazon Vouchers: $200, $175, $150, $125, $100, $75, $50, $25, $10, $5 (we will be promoting OLSP dominators on this live….
🎁If You go LIVE: 100 OLSP Points (Go live promoting the xmas special we will give you 100 OLSP points!) Use the form in comments…
🎁5 X $50 Amazon Vouchers for most comments on your post ( Any one who promotes this live and uses the hastag below, will be elligible.)
🎁Best Question on the Live: 3 X $50 Amazon Vouchers
🎁Everyone that makes a post get 50 CD Pro Comments (simple make a post promoting the live get 50 credits to spend on it….
🎁Most Opt in’s to the live : Top 10: Amazon Vouchers: $200, $175, $150, $125, $100, $75, $50, $25, $10, $5 – You can use TD liv epages or the commissions generator link!
Loads of prizes up for grabs…

Make sure you promote the hell out of it to be with a chance AND make sure you jump on it to learn tonnes!


Stephen Briant

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    Live starts 09:49

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    How can l make massive traffic through the Pie traffic.

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    Its amazing what you have done for yourself Wayne

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    I do , I have never used it lol

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    how long until you get results?

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    what website to get that graph etc?

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    I’d love it if someone could do paid traffic that works(good ROI) for me as i’m still recovering from car crash attempts by myself!

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    I would love to, but we both know that i had way more fish to fry ha ha like learning it all first and getting over this hacking nightmare , amazing training

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    omg i used so much money that i could of put into your site

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    this so works

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    This definitely works

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    Yes definitely worth 99$)

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    Congrats to all became OLSP Dominators! Great training!

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    Hi Wayne sorry I missed the live I’m from Guyana South of America

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    I love how you simplify the whole process, thank you.

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    I love this

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    How to set up Autoresponder correctly

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    OLSP rocks!

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    Amazing and nice one

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