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  • @JohnCrestani says:

    Here’s the exact blueprint to my students use to make their first $100k online ⬇️

    ‼️ Choose your niche
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    ‼️ Craft a two-page funnel
    ‼️ Develop an email campaign
    ‼️ Establish a niche-focused social media account
    ‼️ Share educational, entertaining, and valuable content about your product and niche 1-3 times daily

    There you have it. Simple and effective🔥

    Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing —
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  • @MizzBeaUtifull85 says:

    John you can’t click on the link to get the blueprint

    • @androidphone6972 says:

      I mentioned that several times.

      Either whoever is in charge of doing his content is not paying attention

      Are links supposed to be clickable on shorts?

  • @ShawnD11235 says:

    Your right mizz beautiful link dont work.

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