How to fix Path Too Long and File Name is Too Long errors in windows

How to fix path too long or file name is too long error when unzipping compressed files such as .zip .tar .rar

Stephen Briant

  • Roberto Maldonado says:

    Your comment that the error message did not relate to the zip file was the key to solving the problem for me. I did not even have to finish watching the video. I opened an Explorer window showing the contents of the zip file and a separate Explorer window for the destination directory (short name, short path). I then dragged the zip contents over. My problem was that I was using the “Extract too…” from the context menu and, although I picked a directory with a short name, the extracted files were being placed in a new directory named after the zip file (a long name). Thank you!

  • Freyathrith says:

    This was very helpful even for just problems I had copying directories, not just decompressing files. HUGE THANKS! 🙂

  • E.G. Sebastian says:

    Thanks! Dang! that thing was giving me trouble for years.
    This was Super useful!

  • theBrokerList says:

    Excellent solution and really saved me. Thank you so much!!!

  • Angelo Papapavlos says:

    Nice! I just saved to my desktop then moved to the correct folder. Thanks for the quick vid and tips!

  • Dave F. says:

    Thank you! The explanation made sense and it worked perfectly for me just now!

    For those who are saying that he’s saying you should put _everything_ on the desktop, I think you’re misunderstanding. All he’s saying is to move the folder to be extracted, then extract it. Then you can move the new folder with the extracted files back to where you originally wanted them to be in the first place! (You can move the compressed folder back there, too, if you want, if you hang on to those.)

  • Michell Hampton says:

    AWESOME!! Thanks a million – super helpful!

  • EVZebra says:

    Thanks for this video, I spent weeks designing a drive for a bicycle and ziped it to keep it safe when I tried to open the top level assemblies half the files were missing, I was really worried. Putting the zipped file on my desktop worked perfectly so thank you very much for saving me a lot of time.

  • Linda Holt says:

    Hi Steve, thank you for the informative video. I am still struggling with how to fix my issue, but I do know more now about WHY I am getting the error message

  • Stanley Uwuilekhue says:

    Thanks, its a simple solution to a seemingly complicated problem. thanks for your time Steve.

  • Martina N says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you loads!

  • Joey WD says:

    Finally someone that has the answer to the nagging problem of the “path too long” Thank you so much for your help. It was the perfect answer to the problem on Windows 7. I had to subscribe to you because you actually talk while your telling how to fix the problem. I love that!

  • Paula Anderton says:

    Just had this problem marking student Powerpoint submissions, and this fix worked perfectly. You saved me a real headache. Thanks!

  • Genevieve Navisotschnig says:

    Thank you so much! That easily solved a problem I’ve had for many years.

  • Ramtopredneck says:

    Thanks for posting, fixed my problem simply and easily. Understanding the nature of the issue helped immensely. Nice workaround

  • Merit Biz says:

    Thank you Steve, this video is clear, straight to the point and easy to follow. There are too many fixes like this on youtube but almost all were made by Indians and I had a hard time understanding their English. Then your video came along which is a great relief for me. Thanks again and God bless

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