How To Download Vimeo Videos

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In this video, I’ll show you the easiest way to download videos hosted on the Vimeo platform using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Example Vimeo-hosted Videos ▶️▶️

PLEASE NOTE: 2k and 4k videos don’t use progressive protocols so can’t be downloaded with a single click. When you click to download at 2k or 4k you will see instructions within the extension that explain to install ffmpeg and then how to download those videos if you need that very high resolution which most people won’t need as 1080p is more than adequate for the majority of use cases.

Videos downloading without sound?
See this ▶️▶️


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Stephen Briant

  • Richard Gródkowski says:

    Great easy to understand content

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  • Puneet Dubey says:

    great help as on youtube i found some other options but they are very technial and takes lots of time …thanks for helping

  • Nico R says:

    Perfect ! exactly what I was looking for 👍
    thanks for this

  • Noemi Loco says:

    Thanks a lot for your video, it was really helpful.

  • Al Avila says:

    Tried this and it didn’t work. The video I’m trying to download does have the download arrow but when I click it, it shows all the download options but each option says “blocked by Vimeo”. When I downloaded the “Simple Downloader for Vimeo”, and used it as this video directed, the blue S does appear on the video as stated. However, the different download links do not appear. The download arrow still shows “Blocked by Vimeo”. Anyone have an idea how I can download “blocked videos”?

    • Steve Dawson says:

      If it says blocked by vimeo then my guess is that its a video set totally private and probably the easiest way to get that is screen record it.

  • mycapturepagevideo says:

    One of the best step by step videos I’ve seen for anything. Most people glaze over important details but you displayed everything. Excellent job.

  • Ailton Souza says:

    Obrigado meu amigo, me ajudou muito 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Kristen Burgess says:

    So helpful, thank you! Vimeo videos just do not buffer well on my internet connection so it’s lovely to download and watch without constant buffering!

  • Παναγιώτης Καλλίνικος says:

    Very nice descriptive video, to me unfortunately these options do appear (360,720 p etc.) but without sound, and the audio option seems to not be supported by my laptop. Do you have any suggestions for this case? Thank you very much!

  • Isaú Jr. says:

    Really helpful video, thanks man! 🙌🙌😁👍

  • Dan Vlady says:

    Very cool! Thank you for your help!

  • lithium534 says:

    Great stuff. Unfortunately they changed it so that the Video and audio are not together any more.
    You have to upgrade to have it. You can still download both separate but then you need to join them after yourself.

    • Steve Dawson says:

      Yes, I added that information to the description a few weeks ago. Hope that helps

    • Orto San Yuki says:

      Doesnt work for me. Its appear 2 files from a single video. An audio file with mp4 extension and a video file with mp4 extension. I could use VLC to play both. But i want a single file. How to download in single file ?

  • Efthimios Socratous says:

    Thank you!!! Very useful.

  • Team Swiftie says:

    Amazing video. Thank you much. Make my life easier. Good job.

  • Aaron Dwyer says:

    nice work – even working with private videos as of March 2023 – yes you will need to download the video and audio separate and then bring them together using whatever video editor you like. Windows even has video editor bundled in.

  • Steve Dawson says:

    This method is out of date as of March 2023 – Please see my new updated solution in this video

  • Renata Ferreira says:

    Melhor vídeo, o único que funcionou sem enrolação!

  • John Abaro says:

    Hi, this is a great video, just wanted to ask if there is an open API that we can use for integration on some projects or some sort?


    great explaination, thank you🙏

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