how to deposit money into your coinbase account

A quick 2 minute video showing you how to add funds (deposit money) into your coinbase account so you can buy bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

If you don’t have a coinbase account yet, you can get one here:

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Stephen Briant

  • Yomstudios Photography says:

    Hi Paul, Thank you for this video, I tried to deposit GBP in my coinbase but i kept getting “Account Restricted” and it wont let me..Do you have any idea on what i can do? i have checked a lot of videos on YouTube and no one addressed it. Thanks

  • Rogda says:

    hi paul thanks for video. do you recommend depositing fiat currency and then transferring to coinbase pro and trading from there? or you think better to just buy the crypto on coinbase? the fees seem very high (3%+) on coinbase. also typically what do you think withdrawal fee from coinbase pro/coinbase to a cold wallet will be. thanks

  • Alex 46 says:

    Where do you have to put the reference number ?

  • Patricia A says:

    Hi, thank you for the video. What bank in the UK would you suggest? I have Lloyds and Starling. Are those any good?

  • rihasanat rofolo says:

    Is it better to deposit than to just pay outright with your card? Does it affect the fees in any way?

  • W says:

    Can someone help… I don’t have a deposit/withdraw window so unable to do it. Any solutions?

  • Tom Cushnie says:

    Thanks man I forgot how to do it, been so long

  • Amelia Bolger says:

    Thanks for this, don’t know how they’ve managed to design such a simple looking website that is still not user intuitive. You’d think they’d have a deposit button on the home page!

  • Joseph Riley says:

    I’ve done these exact steps twice now but both times they’ve just sent the deposit back after a few days and don’t verify my account, what could be wrong?

  • Jennifer Sanchez says:

    How long takes to deposit?

  • Crystal Babe says:

    how do you send without saying how much youre sending?? ive clicked send few times now!!

  • (。◕‿◕。) :p says:

    thanks for this nice video, I was wondering if is there any fees for doing that

  • James B says:

    How do I actually use the reference code because there no space to enter it

  • slimtimothy1 says:

    Also be aware that coinbase only allow a maximum of 3 deposit transactions per day from your U.K. bank account to your coinbase cash wallet

  • Demonized says:

    How do you use the wallet to purchase shares on coinbase without actually purchasing the shares

  • Pal Mer says:

    I put wrong reference number, how long until they refund. And do I contact them or wait?

  • The Jones' says:

    Perfect! Straight to the point, no fluff! Thanks Paul

  • Nettynoo Hawk says:

    If the bank you’ve set up to transfer too goes bust can you still withdraw your money.

  • The Man says:

    Can’t get my payment account verified on coinbase after putting a few pounds over, got returned to bank. Stuck now… please help?

  • THORIAN1 the best platform on telegram says:

    You’re🤙a blessing 🙌 to me. No one has ever continuously helped me like you have. I thank God for your presence in my life. Thanks a lot

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