How To Create An Image Border In Pixlr

Just a short video to show you how I create an image border using a Free Online Photo Editing software called Pixlr. More free stuff at

Hope you find it useful….


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phil carrick

Stephen Briant

  • XTheSabreGamerX says:

    Wow that’s a smart Way to do it, Thanks for the help Man 😀 Subbed and Liked this vid!

    • Phil Carrick says:

      XTheSabreGamerX /Juan Carlos Matias Thanks buddy, I appreciate your kind words and pleased it helped

  • Carol Glover says:

    Thank goodness–you have a commentary. I find the very fast demonstrations with no commentary a waste of time. Thank you so much for this.

  • Steve says:

    Very helpful. Thank you

  • ingrid phillips says:

    How do I do a border around a circle?

  • Parth Bhandari says:

    Thanks Phil!
    This tutorial really helped me make a beautiful invitation card for my little sister!

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