How to cloak your affiliate link for free – Easy peasy!

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Stephen Briant

  • Bree Madison Psychic says:

    Great vid! Thanks brother. I hope this works, because I have been going crazy trying to figure this out! :).

  • Ann Redgewell says:

    Hi Phil! Why are my clickbank links in the description box under my videos quite often not working? I have tried the link on my FB page and it works but not under my video? Would be grateful for any help from one Brit to another!! Thanks!

  • Ahmed Hesham says:

    Hi Phil,
    Is that method great in avoiding my promotional email from going to spam?

  • Moneyman Jones says:

    What if I hyperlink the link within the text , do I still need to cloak?

  • Shane Dwight says:

    Hi Phil Should it not be https rather than http? http seems to be a not secure site so people wont click on anything? Can you please explain why you put http in your you tube example?

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