Stephen Briant

  • Roven Clark says:

    Should i have a website to promote affiliate?

    • Charlie Page says:

      Yes! A website of your own (preferably a WordPress blog) is very important. Relying on social media or the site of the affiliate product owner is like building a house on rented land. You want to build *your* business while promoting other people’s products. Thanks for asking.

  • Graham Commander says:

    Thanks Charlie, but How do I find out if others are reading or talking? Where do I look to find out?

    • Charlie Page says:

      Almost any social media outlet will get you started. Are there Facebook Groups, YouTube videos, postings on Medium or questions on Quora. It’s actually easy to find once you see the process. Thanks for asking!

  • Jeremiah Jens says:

    Good video but quite vague. When trying to figure out if they are reading and talking. How many conversations about a given product warrant a decision to start promoting that product. Same thing about buying? Where do you find out if they are buying? Advertising is the hard part. To get any significant traffic in a quick fashion you need to buy some traffic. If you don’t know what you are doing you can lose a ton of money very quickly. Facebook advertising in not very easy either. They are very picky about what you can or can’t advertise on their platform and it’s very easy to get your Facebook account shutdown. Affiliate marketing is easy if you know how to buy traffic and get conversions it’s really comes down to that. If you have an offer that is not converting most people blame it on the traffic source. That’s not the case, it’s the offer. You need to monetize the offer so it starts converting. Focus on picking an offer that is getting good conversion. Any affiliate vendor will give you these statistics. Then spy on other people that are promoting that same offer and see how they are doing it. You can easily see how successful they are doing. Just starting out it’s alot easier to see how other people are promoting so you can get an idea of how it’s done. Trying to figure it out on your own you will probably fail.

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