global economy explained through two cows model

Find the global economy a bit confusing? Don’t worry, help is at hand with the “two cows model”.

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Stephen Briant

  • Abdulrahman Alghamdi says:

    The Saudi corporation. You have 10 cows and you tell your family that you have just one cow that is running out of milk, and tell your neighbors that you have 20 cows that are producing lots of milk.

  • Lydia Andrew says:

    That was adorable!!!

  • JustPressPlay says:

    This is beautiful.

  • Skywalker says:

    The Israeli Corporation: You have no cows. You steal two palestinian cows. When someone asks you to return them, you call him antisemitic.

  • Fitsyy says:

    I watched this in class and found it funny as so I used my data to come sub and to leave a like 😂

  • Shahir Abdullah says:

    Bangladeshi corporation : You have 2 cows. You sacrifice them in Eid-al-Adha

  • Abby the Spoon Lady says:

    I loved this video.

  • John Doe says:

    There is also the Belgian corporation: You have a Flemish and Walloon cow. The Flemish cow works hard to produce a lot of milk. The Walloon cow drinks some of the milk and goes on strike to get more milk. Rinse and repeat. After a while the Flemish cow asks for more autonomy as this is going nowhere. The Walloon cow est demandeur de rien and calls the Flemish cow antisocial. Meanwhile a lot of immigrant cows came onto the meadow. They primarily circled the Flemish cow for its milk as the Walloon cow didn’t produce much. They took some of the Flemish milk and abused the cow for no reason. The Flemish cow asks for more autonomy to deal with this. The Walloon cow calls the Flemish cow racist and orders it to work harder or it will refuse to form a government based on moral grounds. Meanwhile the Brussels cow asks for more Flemish milk. Everyone forgot it was there until it asked for milk. There is also a small German speaking cow near the fence. A prize from the Great War of Meadows. It’s tiny, doesn’t like to meddle and doesn’t produce much but because of it everything has to be translated threefold wasting more milk.

  • My way or the highway king says:

    Thank you I learned from this video more than what I ever did in collage .

  • Maybe Someday says:

    “… you are out getting your haircut” This is gold

  • hufather says:

    The Korean corporation: You have 10,000 cows. 5000 are on one side and 5000 on the other. They have a war against each other and now you have no cows.

    • Stark Svensk says:

      the south korean corporation: you have millions of gallons of milk and no cows.
      the north korean corporation: *you have no cows, no milk, but 26 millions calves to feed.*

  • The महाराजा says:

    that India accent was real 🤣

  • Zhenzhen Liu says:

    Love it. Very easy to understand except the venture capitalism. Thanks a lot!

  • Jyoshna Pragada says:

    😂😂😂 I liked your explanation

  • MoonlarktheWolf says:

    This made me collapse onto the floor in history class xd

  • Jr Sun says:

    Greece Corporation: You ate your cows, but luckily the 2 Italian cows wander into your country. You keep them until the German Corporation comes in with their 2 steel cows to take back the 2 Italian cows.

  • nugget says:

    a ukrainian corporation: you have the 3rd largest number of cows in the world, you give them all to your neighbour who happens to have the most number of cows in the world. in exchange, your larger neighbour promises to never move the fence that seperates your properties.

  • Shawn Lewis says:

    A Trini Corporation: You have 2 cows. They disappear one day, and the next time you see them they are holding office in parliament debating the price of milk.

  • Arlind Krasniqi says:

    The Greek one got me dead. Lol

  • Lavan W says:

    American Capitalism: You have two cows and produce high-quality milk. The corporation across the street has thousands of cows and produces low-quality, cheap milk. They see your small milk-producing business across the street. The corporation’s lawyers pay off lawmakers to pass laws through the FDA, stating that the small business can’t sell their milk, putting you out of business. You go to work for the corporation to provide for your family, but the pay is barely enough to get by. You organize a labor union, so they fire you, shut down the factory, and move their cows to a place less tolerant of labor unions. The CEO and executive board never lift a finger to work and produce; they accumulate vast wealth off their workers. They hoard all their profits and give as little as they possibly can to their workers or to the system that made it possible for them to have so much. Throughout your life, you put money away into a 401k or pension, and right before you retire, the CEOs and executives steal all your money from those accounts, file bankruptcy through those companies, allowing them to escape liability. The government says these executives are too big to fail, so they steal all the money you had to pay in taxes (unlike the executives) and hand it over to the CEOs and executives, who then award themselves million-dollar bonuses and purchase yachts and mansions, leaving you with nothing for retirement.

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