Get Your First Sale in Affiliate Marketing using Facebook in just 7 Days! | ClickBank Challenge

This 7 Day Challenge shows ClickBank affiliates exactly how we got our first sale in under a week. Wondering if you can do affiliate marketing without a website? In this episode we prove how you can run facebook ads to a proven offers sales page to get your first sale online.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 The Challenge
1:30 Using Facebook
1:46 Picking an Offer
2:22 Running a Warm-Up Campaign
3:10 Choosing a Pre-Made Landing Page
5:10 Targeting Your Ads
6:30 Budget
6:50 Testing
7:42 First Sale
7:53 The Stats
9:16 It Worked!
9:41 The Math
11:08 A Simple Process
12:18 How Email Opt-In Really Works
12:53 The Affiliate Marketing Party
13:18 Wrapping Up

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1. Pick an Offer
2. Why to use Facebook?
3. Using a preset landing page vs building your own (pros and cons)
4. Warm Up Campaigns
5. Demographics and Physographic markers–how to target on Facebook
6. How to choose a budget
7. How to optimize the ad. How to conduct A/B testing

We ran one ad set with two ads using a single image that we split-tested with two headlines. However, what Ben found in retrospect was that he would have then chosen the best headline and split-tested with two images. Each ad was $5, totaling to a $10 daily spend.

Another learning outcome: help your audience be aware of what you’re asking them to do once they see your advertisement. Over time as you discover what works for you and your list, you can optimize to gather more sales and modify your spend.

Beyond that, there are several aspects of affiliate marketing to focus on to get sales, but one to really ensure your success: getting started and sticking with it. Affiliate marketing takes time and dedication to learn and apply a research-driven, creative skillset.

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Stephen Briant

  • TooWildTv says:

    Awesome! I’m trying to get started with no money and hopefully this helps me get a bit of an idea.

  • Affiliate Marketing Journey says:

    Are there any plans to eventually roll out Spark on the Clickbank affiliate market place just like you did with Clickbank University such than Clickbank affiliates can promote Spark?

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    What is the majority difference between this 7 day click banks compared to the 15 day challenge

  • Sidney Barker says:

    I’ve just started this course, quick note; the UI is clunky.. I have to exit the course at the end of each chapter to continue onto the next chapter. Surely that’s not intentional?

    • ClickBank says:

      Hey Sidney! Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear of the frustration. I’ll definitely pass this along to our team to investigate this further. Take care!

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    Awesome info!

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    Very helpful👌

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    I couldn’t find the link for a 7 day challenge in the description box. Could you please share it with me? Thanks in advance!

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      Click on ‘more’ under the video, then click on the next word ‘more’ that you see. Hope this helps 👌

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  • Emma Nilsson says:

    This might be a dumb question but if they don’t provide with images, where do you find images to use and how do you know which ones are ok to use?

    • Thomas McMahon says:

      Most affiliates will create their own images. You can check the seller’s affiliate pages to see if they offer any images (I’d use those for inspiration), or if there’s any “do not do this” parameters you need to be mindful of… you can also use spy tools to see what ads are being used

    • Emma Nilsson says:

      @Thomas McMahon Thank you!

  • Joe Daney says:

    curious if there were any sales from the vendors followup?

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    Loved this content feel like I have to watch this at least a dozen times to really absorb it because of the affiliate jargon. Thank you for this video.

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