Gala Music Jukebox Node – FREE MONEY?! Surprising Find In My Account

I was reading up about Gala Music and Gala Music Nodes (called Jukebox nodes) and also trying to find out if I had any value in the tiny mount of $MUSIC I was receiving every day for running my Gala Founder Nodes. I got the surprise of my life! Watch this video – you might have a stash of money in your account without realising it.

Stephen Briant

  • @dinoshark4396 says:

    Love my gala games! My Nodes are the best thing I got!

  • @Br3nnax says:

    I’ve never gotten any random $Music and I run a Founders and Music node?

    • @ashton6623 says:

      Same, like what did he randomly do to get that. Not running nodes, as I am too. Something else lol

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