Gala Coin Price Prediction – 25 March 2024 BUY or SELL? (watch to see)

Another short video to update you on my last GALA Coin price prediction and to see how that panned out (spoiler alert, I locked in an 8% gain in 48 hours) plus my prediction of where it's heading next (another spoiler alert, it's probably heading down for the next 24-36 hours).

Stephen Briant

  • @carpet3533 says:

    Glad you’re back to making Gala content. Could you make a video about Gala Music? I think a lot of ppl are missing what they’re doing over there and they are bringing bigger and bigger artists into the ecosystem every week. The biggest part is they only have a 12 million $ market cap. I believe it is extremely undervalued right now because Gala is absolute trash at promoting the products they have haha but there’s no way Gala Music doesn’t hit 300 million market cap or more this bull market.

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