Expired Tumblr Hunter 3.0 Finds Expired Ranked Tumblr Blogs (Free Software!)

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Expired Tumblr Hunter has been completely re-written in Python for 2022.
Here is a blog post which explains how to use Expired Tumblr Hunter 3.0

This software find expired Tumblr blogs that are already ranked in Google for your specific keywords. Then it tells you which ones have expired that you can register for yourself.

The advantage to you is that you are getting a web 2.0 property which is ALREADY ranked for your keywords. You just need to add your own keyword related content and back links to your main website.

This can be developed into a valuable portal in your niche on it's own or be used to create valuable highly ranked back links for your main website.

Expired Tumblr Hunter 3.0 is completely free. You are welcome to give the software away as an incentive for people to join your list. You are just not allowed to sell the software.

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Stephen Briant

  • EN VIVO says:

    I’ve been checking your software and it works, but I don’t understand that by registering the same Tumblr username, Google will keep ranking it. If you can give me an explanation I will appreciate it.

    • Coolmarketingsoftware.com says:

      Hi, These blogs that you find are ALREADY ranked in Google. That is how we find them. Then you can re-register them and put in your own content around the same keywords. You are not starting from scratch. You have a head start from starting from nothing. It could take weeks or months to get your blog ranked if you start from nothing. Up to you to keep adding content and make it better.

    • Peter Duffy says:

      Would we not have to find the old post urls from expired tumblrs? This way we are tapping into pages with PA/TF. Only registering the username doesn’t cut it.

  • Veridon Success Fountain. says:

    Hello, please I need more clarification on this account creation.
    I just created a new account using the username recovered from the software but it looks the same as creating an account with any username. No existing content. It is completely new. So, I don’t understand how using the recovered username to create a new account makes any difference.
    Please, clarify for me.

    • Coolmarketingsoftware.com says:

      Yes, it will be the same process as creating a new account however the username you are registering still is indexed in Google despite the fact it is available and this gives you an SEO boost.

  • Mohd Syafiq says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Sir
    Sir, I have only win 7 64 in my PC. can I install this into win 7? Thanks a lot for the answer

  • Temitope Oshadogan says:

    Pls i need to know am i going to use the same email address in my primary account to open this new account or i can use any one

  • Temitope Oshadogan says:

    pls how is this new account linked to my primary account

  • Easy Ways To Save Money In 2022 says:

    hi does this still work i installed when i run it says idle😰

  • Temitope Oshadogan says:

    please do i need to use the same email address for my first tumblr account or another one

  • Ján Šprlák says:

    Beta tester od roku 2016 oceňujem,,

  • O Aprendiz 🅥 says:

    fake, no download.

  • Coolmarketingsoftware.com says:

    We will doing all our future videos on our software on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/quickregisterseo
    Please subscribe there to keep updated on all out future updates.

  • Javier Ara says:

    It has given an error, it does not give the following pages, it only stays in the first search

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