COTP Scam Review – WARNING Why Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a SCAM

If someone has invited you to check out or and are tempting you with “3% daily ROI”, this video will help you see the truth behind this SCAM. This is my independent COTP Scam Review – 11 Reasons Why Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is a SCAM

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These is the Cyrptos OTC Trading Platform SCAM URLs:
I highly recommend you do NOT give them your KYC details or ANY money. You are likely to have your identity stolen and your money!

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Stephen Briant

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  • KDS says:

    my father asked me about this, and i’m glad he did ask me about his 1-2 months ago. it literally failed every single logical test you could imagine. great video. glad i told him not to invest, it literally dug pulled last week.

  • Jennifer Wilson says:

    I’m so grateful and glad you did what you promised you were going to do, you kept to your word by recovering my money back I really appreciate and forever thankful

  • Clarissa fairchild says:

    I love the fact that the victims were able to leave that message to the scammer. They were able to tell that guy off and they are no longer victims! Scammer Payback – you are such an awesome force legend be reckoned and that is why I watch you!! Keep up the good work

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    ☝️So much respect for how positivity you put out while going through this recovery jobs! I wish you all the best, mate! You deserve it 🤝


    So much respect for how positivity you put out while going through this recovery jobs,I wish you all the best,you deserve it🤝

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