Copy And Paste Recurring Affiliate Commissions 5 Minutes Per Day!

Copy and Paste System

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You can sign up for European Safelist here:

You can sign up for on our affiliate programs here:

Just join European Safelist above, copy our sales letters with your affiliate id from our affiliate tools pages:

Then send out up to 3 solo emails per day to the entire list. You can save the emails so you do not have to copy and paste over and over.

You have to keep this up every day. Just sending out one time is not effective. The good news is that is just takes less than 5 minutes per day to send out 3 emails once you have your sales letters set up.

Each affiliate program has multiple sales letters. So you can alternate different sales letters every day.

This is one of the easiest, fastest cheapest ways to start earning affiliate commissions. The only expense is the membership to the safelist at only $7. per month. They also offers autoresponders, leads, landing pages and additional advertising for this including a full solo email to all the members at once.


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  • fred morton says:

    In the safelist can you advertise another program that you are in.

    • says:

      You can pretty much advertise anything on the safelist not just our stuff. Legal and moral of course.

  • Infinity says:

    Appreciate the video, but what is going to happen here is saturation.
    This will then dilute the product you are promoting when the same ads are popping up hundreds of times a day.
    In the end people tend to move to the next ad without reading.

    • says:

      Yes, this is a possibility but not an issue now. Also I have lots of sales letters, lots of software to give away so there are many approaches. Also, this is just one tool and idea meant to be used with many others.

  • says:

    We will doing all our future videos on our software on this channel:
    Please subscribe there to keep updated on all out future updates.

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