ClickBank Free Traffic: 3 Best Ways to Get Free Clicks with NO MONEY (2021)

This tutorial will show you how to get ClickBank Free Traffic… We cover the best channels, tactics, and tricks to start promoting products on ClickBank . Don’t have the cash to start running Facebook ads for your affiliate marketing business? Watch this video! Thomas breaks down the likes of modern SEO tactics with Google and other search engines, affiliate marketing email marketing, and building a social media following you can turn into free traffic.

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Sweat equity is a real thing. You put in the time. You analyze, optimize, reevaluate, and continue through an iterative process to improve the value you’re providing an audience. Paid traffic is a very useful tactic, but (obviously) it comes with a price tag.

Search engine optimization is an extraordinarily useful tactic — but it’s a long game. You create value for the audience through authoritative content that over time search engines pick up and judges whether or not your page is an answer for someone’s problems. Discover some SEO tips in this article:

However, algorithms are like the weather — they can change at a moment’s notice. An email list is powerful because they’re not at the whim of a platform update. You have them “offline” and they’ll always be there. Learn more about how to do email marketing:

Organic social media content builds a following, a community. Through the trust you’ve generated on social media, you gather authority as a subject matter expert. You’re tapping into an amazing opportunity that could yield business results. Want to learn how? Read more here:

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Sweat Equity vs Paid Traffic
0:52 – SEO & Organic Traffic for Affiliates
1:30 – Email Marketing for Affiliates
2:15 – Social Media for Affiliates
2:50 – Building an Email List
3:45 – Everything Comes Back to Email
3:59 – Conclusion

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      The misconception a lot of new affiliates have is they can just paste their tracking links somewhere and get lots of clicks/sales. The reality is like with anything, you need to put in the time and produce good content if you want to build something that will drive consistent traffic.

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