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    And that is exactly why…⬇️

    I CHOSE digital marketing.

    There’s no “avoiding” the hard, you just get to pick which one you want!

    Which is kind of cool when you think about it👏🏼

    —and just to be clear—

    👉🏼That doesn’t mean it’s not fun because I love what I do!

    👉🏼And that doesn’t mean it’s not SIMPLE. It’s extremely simple‼️

    Because you can follow step-by-step instructions to build your online business. You can do it with no experience and get it set up within 20 days.

    When l’ve said in the past that digital marketing is “easy,” I didn’t mean that it takes no effort. It takes WORK and strength of mind.

    But it’s much “easier” to me than the daunting reality of working 40+ years making someone else rich, living for the weekends and 2 weeks of vacation per year, breaking your back for a promotion, and praying for a raise.

    It’s “hard” because you gotta be the one who puts in the work and shows up for yourself EVERY single day even when you don’t see instant results….💪🏼

    But man is it WORTH IT. And I would choose it every time.

    So which “hard” will you choose?

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