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For over 20 years, Charlie Page has taught the common sense digital marketing methods that helped him go from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to owning the company in less than 18 months. Charlie’s goal is simple; to help each person he encounters to go from where they are now to where they want to be as quickly as possible. With over 60 memberships inside his flagship CommonSenseDigitalMarketing hub, you will find the helpful and actionable information you need to take your next step.

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Stephen Briant

  • Linda Starr says:

    You do great on video…do more!

  • CCR TechBytes News says:

    Great content! Thanks will use asap!

  • Tony Ejem says:

    Thank you Charlie, it makes so much sense, we all should use it. Would you be able to
    put the download link for the report for Affilorama? Your new funnel looks great…

  • Robert Williams says:

    AWESOME! Charlie your work is just incredible! Now I have both of the BIG green button lead capture pages :), this one in which I added a variation from your lead page “WANT TO MAKE SALES USING FACEBOOK?”
    Of the two variation, which one had the highest conversion? Thank you Mr. Awesomeness!! :-0

  • Eva Melendez says:

    How do I access the checklist he mentions in this video? It says its below but I expected it to be on a comment on here but I dont see it.

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