7 TOP Business Ideas You Can Start With NO MONEY

7 Top Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money
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Many people don't start businesses because they lack the money to do so, resulting in frustration and a sense of being left out of that part of the world that's achieving their dreams. πŸ˜“ But today I'll give you a hand, and that involves 7 EASY & FAST business ideas you can get started on with 0$ β—πŸ€―

00:00 – Do All This With 0$
00:47 – We're NOT Talking About…
01:49 – How I Started Making $$$
02:39 – This Is Your Starting Line
03:38 – My Student's Story
04:03 – Recommendation To Switch Devices
04:16 – First Idea: UpWork
05:18 – Second Idea: Start An Agency
06:52 – Third Idea: Door To Door Sales
08:46 – Fourth Idea: Telemarketing
10:08 – Let's Talk About Leverage
11:22 – 3 Ways To Leverage Time & Money
15:26 – What's This Video's Goal?
15:53 – Which Idea Are You Most Interested In?
16:20 – Join Our Community

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    You cant walk into a store and ask to advertise for them. They’ll either laugh at you or just stare at you with a blank face. Most stores are parts of corporations and the corporation handles all that and they couldn’t care less about someone like thAt.
    The smaller stores don’t have the money.
    I know, i’ve worked in both.
    You also cant just use anyone’s logos and sell them. It’s copywrite infringement.

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