13 Money Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Getting Married

Finance and money management can be a huge deal breaker in relationships, especially if you and your partner aren't on the same page. In this video, I'll list down 13 money mistakes to avoid when you're getting married so you can save yourself from potential financial arguments in the future!

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:25 Importance Of Talking About Money With Your Partner
01:39 How To Avoid Arguments With Your Partner
03:17 Importance Of Not Keeping Financial Secrets From Your Partner
04:01 Importance Of Having Sex In Relationships
05:12 Importance Of Family Planning With Your Partner
06:18 Importance Of Setting Financial Goals With Your Partner
07:32 Why You Should Avoid Micromanaging Spending
08:18 What To Consider Before Having A Wedding
09:32 What To Consider Before Combining Finances With Your Partner
10:25 Importance Of Building Up Your Savings
12:07 Importance Of Having Budgets For Your Finances
12:30 Benefits Of Having Monthly Check-Ins With Your Partner
14:33 Benefits Of Having Regular Date Nights With Your Partner
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    All a wedding does is increase personal debt level.

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    Women nearly always may be considered wealth inhibitors.

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    Women discourage good financial habits like saving. I have heard them say red flags are a man who saves, does not use credit cards, won’t buy an iPhone, avoids buying a car and other things. Notice the things women consider red flags are all good financial habits to have.

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